PRINZ Research First Insights Report

PRINZ is proud to present the Insights Report with PRINZ Partner Research First. Please login to view the member-only resources. 


PRINZ Salary Insights Reports 2020

Special topic: Income and Salary


PRINZ Professional Development Report 2019

Special topic: Professional Development 


PRINZ Salary Insights Reports 2018

Special topic: Income and Salary


PRINZ Insight Report 2017 Q4

Special Topic: Expectations about Future Alignment of PR and Marketing

PRINZ Insight Report 2017 Q1

Special Topic: Measurement and Evaluation


PRINZ Insights Report 2016 Q4

Special Topic: Talent and Growth

PRINZ Insights Report 2016 Q3

Special Topic: Developing PR as a Profession

PRINZ Insights Report 2016 Q1 & Q2

Special Topic - Pro Bono and Voluntary Work, and Perceptions of the PR Industry

PRINZ thanks our research partner Research First for its continued support. 

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