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PRINZ Research First Insights Report

PRINZ is proud to present the Insights Survey with PRINZ Partner Research First. Research topics include 'Income and salary', 'Expectations about Future Alignment of PR and Marketing', 'Talent and Growth', etc.

Global Capabilities Framework

Courtesy of the Global Alliance for PR and Communication Management. Capabilities Framework for Public Relations and Communication Management is a two-year research project led by the University of Huddersfield (UK) in partnerships with eight countries across the globe.

PRINZ Awards case studies

Judged by industry experts, the PRINZ Awards are our industry‚Äôs most high-profile way to demonstrate the value of our profession by showcasing work that makes a tangible difference to our organisations, clients, and stakeholders. The case studies presented are a selection of highly commended and winning entries from the PRINZ Awards.

Archived webinars 

Recordings and resources from previously held webinars are available for members only. Please login to view the page.

Global Alliance resources

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is the confederation of the world's major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 160,000 practitioners and academics around the world.

Measurement and Evaluation

PR measurement and evaluation is not just theory - it is an essential component of good practice that every organisation should expect as part of public relations and communications management provision.

APR selected assignments

The assignments featured here are a selection of 'thought pieces' submitted by candidates as part of the  Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) and have scored 80% or higher. This is a member-only resource so please login to view the page.

Ethics resources

Public relations professionals use communications to develop or maintain trusting, productive relationships between our clients or employers and their stakeholders. We promote the views of those we represent to contribute to public debate and informed decision-making in a democratic society.

We balance our role as advocates for individuals or groups with the public interest. We must also balance a commitment to promote open communication with the privacy rights of individuals and organisations.

Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal

Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal (APPRJ) invites public relations scholars, professionals, and graduate students from the Asia Pacific region to submit articles on public relations and communication research, theory, professional practice, comment, case studies and book reviews.