FAQs: Judging


Dates and

the Awards




Q. What are the judges looking for?

The Judging Criteria provides an overview of what the judges are looking for in each area of the entry form.

Q: What are the marking/judging criteria for entries?

Carefully read the judging criteria before creating your entry.

The marks available for each section are:

  • Background - 5 marks
  • Preliminary research - 10 marks
  • Objectives - 10 marks
  • Audiences - 10 marks
  • Messages - 10 marks
  • Strategy - 10 marks
  • Implementation / tactics - 10 marks
  • Creativity/WOW factor OR problem solving - 10 marks
  • Results, Evaluation and follow up - 25 marks
  • Acknowledgement of other disciplines - no marks but important to cover

Judges also take into consideration the level of difficulty of the project as well as the professionalism of the entry. Judges may deduct marks for spelling and grammatical errors or poorly formatted entries.

Q. Who judges the awards?

Every entry is assessed by a panel of PRINZ Fellows or Members with around 35 judges in total. The Supreme award is then judged by the Chief Judge and a panel she convenes.

Q. How are judges allocated to categories?

Once all the entries are received, PRINZ and the Chief Judge allocate panels of three judges per category ensuring any conflicts of interest or confidentiality issues are avoided. Every judge signs a non-disclosure agreement.