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Entering the awards

Q: How do I enter the awards?

Once the online entry platform is open from Monday 3 February, you will be able to log on to the PRINZ website and submit your entry.

Q. Why do I need to draft my entry offline?

We recommend that entrants draft the entry in an offline format to take advantage of the spell check and word count (not available in the online entry form). This will also ensure that a secure version of the entry is saved offline. The online entry form does not support all Word formatting, so please wait to format your entry in the online entry form. Draft entry forms can be found here.

Q. Why does the formatting of my entry change when it is copied into the online entry form?

Content copied from Microsoft Word (or similar programme) may not be compatible with the online entry form. Text may come through in different sizes, please ignore this. Please save your online entry as a draft, proof read completely and edit any affected formatting before submission.

Q. How do I access/edit a previously saved PRINZ Awards entry?

If you have saved a PRINZ Awards entry online, you may access it by logging on to your online Profile, select 'Award entries' from the side menu and your Awards entries will display. You can edit any entry under 'Building' status. Entries under 'Submitted' status can no longer be edited.

Q: Do I have to be a PRINZ member to enter the awards?


Q: I am not a PRINZ member, can I join now to enter the awards?

Yes, from 1 January, new individual memberships wishing to enter in the PRINZ Awards will be for 15 months, until 31 March 2021. If you have not been a member before, please join here, or contact membership@prinz.org.nz.

Q: Are non-members acknowledged as winners too?

Any contributors that are not PRINZ members unfortunately will not be acknowledged. The Awards are designed for members, however entrants are asked to acknowledge non-PRINZ members in the acknowledgement section of the entry form to reflect the team working on the project. After the Awards are announced PRINZ is able to create special certificates acknowledging a team, rather than individuals, for the win.

Q: Can I get an Awards certificate for the whole team, including non-members?

After the Awards are announced PRINZ is able to create special certificates acknowledging a team, rather than individuals, for the win. You can order these through PRINZ after the Gala Dinner. There is a cost of approx $15+GST each for these.

Q: Why do you ask for contributors?

In addition to the entrant it's important for judges to see who worked on the whole project.

Q: Can students enter the awards?

Yes, student members of PRINZ can enter implemented projects in the Paul Dryden Tertiary Student Award category. Students can not enter the main PRINZ Awards categories.

Q: If my project was undertaken by a team, how do I include other contributors and identify the lead on the project?

  • The entrant should be the person who is principally responsible for the strategy, development, management and implementation of the work.
  • If the entrant is not the lead on the project, please add the lead as a contributor by typing their name in the designated box. There can be a maximum of two leads.
  • If your project was undertaken by a team, please add your team members as contributors. There can be a maximum of eight listed. For each entry, please type in the contributor's full name. Please note your entry can only include PRINZ members as leads and contributors.
  • To acknowledge non-PRINZ members in your award entry please include them in the acknowledgement section of the entry form. 

Q: How do I know if my entry has been received?

Once submitted, the status of the entry will change from 'building' to 'submitted' in your member dashboard. You will also receive an email titled 'Confirming your order'.

Q: Can the work entered have been undertaken outside New Zealand?

The awards are for original New Zealand work, not a replication of any global strategy/creative developed outside New Zealand. If a global concept has been significantly adapted to the New Zealand market it may be eligible, or if a project was international, including New Zealand activity, it can be entered. Contact PRINZ on 09 358 9808 to discuss.

Q: Can I provide images, video or other attachments to supplement my entry?

Yes, there is a limit of 3 images (800x600 - can be photos, graphs but needs to be HiRes) and 2 video URL links (ideally no longer than 3 minutes in duration). If you are a finalist you will be asked to choose 1 image for the 'best of' case study and the Awards event. Images will need to be JPEG or PNG format.

Q: How do I add images to my entry?

To add an image, you need to click on the 'Insert Image' button on the right-hand corner of the text box. This will then ask you to upload the image you want to include in your entry. If you have any issues please contact the office on info@prinz.org.nz.

Q: Can I include content, such as native advertising or sponsored blogs in my entry?

Yes, please outline any paid or sponsored content or relationships in detail within the ‘Implementation’ section. If paid or sponsored content is included as part of your activity and included in results, but not noted as such, the entry may not be judged.

Q: What is a synopsis?

The synopsis summarises your project in 100 words, and along with the heading it should be written to convey the essence of the work. If you are a finalist or winner, it is used by PRINZ to describe the project online, at the Awards event and in the media release so it needs to be well-written.

Q: How can I be sure my entry is 'confidential'?

The 100 word synopsis and heading of a finalist or winning entry is public; however, the entry detail is confidential except to the judges' marking it. PRINZ encourages members to not select 'confidential' for their entry unless the work is of a highly sensitive nature. Finalist and winning entries are used as case studies and to form a body of local examples, however, confidential work will not be used for these.

Q. Do I need my client or manager's permission to enter my project into the Awards?

It is up to entrants to obtain client or manager approval for their entry prior to submitting it. At the time of submission you will need to acknowledge it has been signed off. PRINZ is not liable for any dispute over content.

Q. How important is the quality of writing?

Judges may deduct marks for spelling and grammar errors so ensure your work is succinct, conveys the most important information and is well edited and proofread.

The better an entry reads, the more enjoyable it is to judge.

Q. What is the entry word count?

The entry must be under 2500 words in total. This includes a maximum of 100 words for the synopsis and up to 300 words for the acknowledgement of other disciplines. This means the entry body copy cannot exceed 2100 words. If your entry exceeds the word count it may lose marks.

Q: Do entrants receive feedback?

Entrants can 'opt-in' to receive a summary of judges' comments. Non-fianlists will recieve comments in early May and finalists and winners will receive comments after the Gala Dinner.

Q: How are winners notified and recognised?

All finalists will be notified in mid May 2019. Finalists may be winners or highly commended, with the status revealed in July at the Awards Gala dinner.