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Q: Which category should I enter?

For questions about categories see the category list. If you still have questions please contact the PRINZ office on 09 358 9808 or by email. Your entry may be appropriate for more than one category but can only be entered in one. It is up to you to choose the most appropriate.

Q: What are the categories?

There are nine main award categories and three special awards categories. Click here to view the details of each. A single campaign/project cannot be entered in multiple categories. You can enter multiple campaigns into the PRINZ Awards main categories:

  • Corporate Public Relations
  • Government or Quasi Government Public Relations
  • Internal Communications
  • Limited Budget or Not-for-Profit Public Relations
  • Marketing Communication - Integrated
  • Marketing Communication - PR
  • Communicating in Diversity
  • Special Project or Short-term Campaign
  • Sustained Public Relations

PRINZ Awards special categories:

  • Sally Logan-Milne Young Practitioner of the Year
  • Paul Dryden Tertiary Award
  • PR Consultancy of the Year
  • PR In-House team of the year

Q: How do I decide between entry in Marketing Communication - Integrated and Marketing Communication - PR?

Marketing Communication - Integrated is for a project that has successfully promoted a cause, product, brand or service, where public relations is one element of the campaign alongside a number of others. In this category, public relations is not the lead in the campaign but is integral to its success.

Marketing Communication - PR is for a project that has successfully promoted a cause, product, brand or service, where public relations led the strategy and planning and is central to the project. The overall project may or may not include other marketing communications activity.
In essence, this category is for Marketing Communications work where 'PR is the hero'.

Q: Can I enter the same work in more than one category?

No, each piece of work can only be entered in one category.

Q: What are the eligibility criteria for the Sally Logan-Milne Young Practitioners' award?

  • Entrants in the Sally Logan-Milne award must be 30 years of age or under, a member of PRINZ, and in employment as a public relations practitioner at the closing date of entries - Monday 2 March 2020. 
  • Each entrant must submit an essay of up to 1200 words, telling the story of their career in public relations.
  • Entrants must also submit written references from two people who are clients for their work (either internal to their organisation or external), attesting to their personal and professional attributes.

For more detailed information on the Sally Logan-Milne criteria please view the entry requirements.