Paul Dryden Tertiary Award

Paul Dryden, long-serving, game-changing Chief Executive of PRINZ passed away in 2011. Paul firmly believed that the professionalism of the PR industry and the role its practitioners should play at the top table needed to start with students. He championed the relationship between tertiary institutions and PRINZ, and believed that ensuring entry-level practitioners were equipped with a comprehensive and learned set of skills was to the overall benefit of our profession.

This award reflects Paul's belief that providing young practitioners with a framework of knowledge through education, overlaid with their own contemporary understanding of communications practice would ensure a relevant and refreshed profession. Only people who were PRINZ student members during 2018, or who have joined as students members in 2019 are eligible to enter this category.

Entrants must submit a piece of work focussing on the future of public relations. For example, entrants may choose to:

  • discuss the issues that public relations practitioners may face in the future
  • present a different perspective on how to solve a specific industry issue
  • examine how emerging technologies will change the way PR professionals will work, or
  • another future related topic of the entrant's choosing.

Entrants may submit their work in any medium that best conveys their content. For example, this may include but is not be limited to one of the below options:

  • a short essay not more than 1200 words
  • a short video of no longer than 3 minutes duration
  • a graphic image of some description

This is the first year this award has been in this updated format, so don't be afraid to think outside the box and push the boundaries. Judges will be looking for students who demonstrate their ability to think critically and strategically about the public relations profession; and are able to communicate effectively and persuasively. Marks will also be given for creativity.

The winner will receive a $500 prize as well as a PRINZ membership to help you kick start your career.

Enter the Paul Dryden Tertiary Award

Entries for this award open Monday 11 February and close Friday 29 March. 

Only PRINZ Student and Graduate members can enter this category. Entry for this category is free. 

Entry for this award is not online. To enter the Paul Dryden Tertiary Award category please send your entry to