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President's Pen

Voting on PRINZ Governance

In May, and then again in July, you will all have the chance to vote on the new governance structure members voted in favour of recently.

You will be aware of the proposal to modernise the PRINZ governance structure. Last month, I shared your response to the modernisation proposal, that would bring our organisation into line with other councils and boards of professional bodies and not-for-profits – a response that showed the PRINZ membership supports a change to the way PRINZ is governed.

The next step is for us to vote on the proposed changes.

Based on your feedback for the board election process and composition, the PRINZ National Council will propose the below motion to be discussed and voted on at the upcoming 65th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand Inc. The meeting will be held at Cider Building, 4 Williamson Avenue, Ponsonby, Auckland from 5pm to 6pm on Monday 27 May 2019. The meeting will be broadcast via PRINZ Facebook Live. Members may appoint a proxy here.

Proposed motion:

The National Council moves to replace the current PRINZ governance model with a new PRINZ Board comprising seven members - four elected and three co-opted board members - a combination of both representational and skills-based governance. Board members will hold a two-year term, with implementation staggered annually to ensure no more than half the members have completed terms at the same time. The President role is to be replaced with a Chair who is selected by the Board for the two-year term.

If the motion is passed, PRINZ will hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) in Wellington on the 25th July at the PRINZ Conference. During the SGM members will have the opportunity to approve amendments to the Constitution to allow for the new governance structure and elect the four PRINZ Board members (a further three are then co-opted). Calls for nominations for the PRINZ Board would be made immediately after the May AGM, and details of nominations (including a brief bio) shared with members at the same time as notice for July SGM to be sent on the 5th July.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who has given up their time to discuss modernising our governance to ensure we deliver the leadership you would expect of a professional body such as ours.

Felicity Price, FPRINZ, ONZM

Chief Executive's Report

Increasing our capabilities

We are constantly striving to improve the way we do things and increase the professionalism of PRINZ and of the industry as a whole.

Late last year, we established an Education Committee comprising both industry and academics to ensure that our professional development offerings are relevant for the future needs of the industry and that there is greater consistency across our professional development activities as a whole.

As part of this project we reviewed the core purpose of PRINZ professional development programme and its guiding principles. We have now aligned our PRINZ courses with the Global Capabilities Framework (GCF) – part of a Global Alliance initiative developed by the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom.

The next step will be to roll out the associated online assessment tool. The tool can be used by individual practitioners, team leaders and employers and is designed to encourage professionals to identify the capabilities they would like to develop and access resources to assist in these goals.

The development of the framework, together with the online assessment tool, offers professionals in public relations and communication management a new way for understanding – and describing to others – their work. It encourages all practitioners to set goals and access suitable resources to enhance their capabilities in a planned and individual way. We will be showcasing the GCF online tool at this year’s PRINZ Conference in July.

We are keen to get an understanding of what you think about professional development, where you’d like to develop your capabilities and what’s holding you back from doing so. The Research First PRINZ Insights Survey out last week on 9 May will delve into this – please take a few minutes to complete the survey.

On a completely different note, the PRINZ Office receives a number of calls from people wanting to engage a PR consultant or agency. As it would be unprofessional of us to recommend one of our members over another we direct them to the PRINZ Consultancy Guide where they can search by location and services offered. If you are a PR consultant or agency, make sure you are listed. It’s a great opportunity to secure new business, plus it’s free and only open to PRINZ members.

Lastly, it is with great sadness that we farewell one of our PRINZ Fellows, Fiona Cunningham. Lisa Finucane FPRINZ and Jill Dryden FPRINZ have penned a tribute to Fiona.

Elaine Koller
Twitter: @PR_InstituteNZ


A loss to the PR industry

It is with heavy hearts that PRINZ advises of the very untimely passing of one of our Fellows, Fiona Cunningham.

Lisa Finucane FPRINZ and Jill Dryden FPRINZ have penned a tribute to Fiona.

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Industry News

Sustainability focused PR agency in growth mode – senior appointments

Highly-respected senior communications professionals Richard Gordon and Tim Marshall have joined award-winning PR consultancy Wright Communications.

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Partner News

PRINZ warmly thanks its valued partners. Click here to read more.

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Welcome to our new members

Amber Silvester, New Zealand Winegrowers

Amy Wang, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - student

Andrew Cushen, Internet New Zealand Inc

Angela Corbett, Onehunga Business Association

Anita Divers

Annabel Henderson Morrell, Hamilton Gardens

Blair Cunningham, Ministry of Health

Daniel Richardson, Environment Canterbury

Diane Livingston, Wellington City Council

Dina Veljanovska, Xero NZ

Ella Marelich, University of Waikato - student

Elle Stewart, University of Waikato

Emma Jelsma, Whangarei District Council (WDC)

Eruera Keepa, Campbell Squared Ltd

Hannah Norton, Nelson Regional Development Agency (NRDA)

Imogen Swain, ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd

James Michie, Auckland Transport

Jamie Foote, Acumen Republic

Jane Broughton, Fulton Hogan Limited

Jayne Cooper-Woodhouse, Maritime New Zealand

Jenna Waite-Leonard, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

Jessica MacKenzie, Department of Conservation

Joel Ineson, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Joseph Jowitt, ANZ Bank New Zealand Ltd

Katie Drennan, University of Waikato - student

Katy Davidson, Whangarei District Council (WDC)

Keeley Lovatt, University of Waikato - student

Kelly Te Heuheu-Wharewaka-Topia, GHD Group Pty Ltd

Kerri Jones, Campbell Squared Ltd

Kristin Svendsen, Tourism New Zealand

Laura Jarvis, University of Canterbury - student

Leigh Taylor, BP Oil New Zealand Limited

Lucy Boddy, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - student

Madison Coster, Massey University – student

Maria Belich, Victoria University of Wellington

Maryann Nicholson, Internet New Zealand Inc

Megan Baker, Internet New Zealand Inc

Michael Fox, Zespri International Limited

Michael Smith, New Zealand Customs Service

Murielle Baker,Vector Ltd

Nicola Whale, Ministry of Transport

Nicola Martin, Ministry of Health

Rebecca Pringle, Wellington City Council

Robin Raymond, Selwyn District Council

Rumer Grace, Archer TAS

Sam Ackerman, Campbell Squared Ltd

Sam Stephenson, Auckland Transport

Sarah Gray, Vector Ltd

Sarah Bodmer, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - Corporate

Sarah Evans, The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited (Plant and Food Research)

Simon Smith, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - Corporate

Sylvia Holman, Health Quality & Safety Commission

Tamar Munch, The Public Good

Tegan Crawford, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - student

Tessa Preddy, University of Waikato - student

Theodora Despotaki, Emerge Aotearoa

Timothy Wakely

Tom Middleton, University of Waikato

Tom Crick, Statistics New Zealand

Tracy Johnson, Internet New Zealand Inc

Tui MacDonald, FRANK Communications

Tupou Havea, Earthquake Commission

Vanisa Dhiru, Internet New Zealand Inc

Victoria Ruff, Auckland University of Technology (AUT) - student

Victoria Dias, Earthquake Commission

Yolandi Theron, Whangarei District Council 

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