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President's Pen

PR helps strawberries bounce back

The awful strawberry sabotage story that came out of Australia in September has provided some timely lessons for PRINZ practitioners on this side of the ditch. We were relatively unaffected here in New Zealand – save for the removal of Australian strawberries from all Countdown stores two weeks before our own strawberries were due to come on-stream.

But we can learn from our Australian public relations counterparts, who have come up with a number of clever strategies to counter the calamitous situation faced by the country’s strawberry growers. Their fruit was being dumped just as the season was getting underway. Australians had stopped buying strawberries and were likely to remain cautious for some time before they had sufficient confidence the berries would not be tampered with. Many growers faced ruin.

PR strategies were quick to the rescue. The biggest one - #smashastrawb – went viral on social media with thousands of people sharing recipes and tips to use up the strawberries that were reduced as low as four punnets for a dollar. “Cut ‘em up, don’t cut ‘em out” the campaign said, “to support Aussie farmers through these berry tough times”.

A brewery put out a special edition of strawberry flavoured beer, and celebrities and politicians joined in the campaign to produce recipes and examples of strawberries being used in bulk.

The campaign was led from the top – the Premier of Queensland and the Prime Minister both got right behind it, as copycat strawberry tampering spread across the country.

As PRINZ President, I was interviewed by a journalist from Rural News. After praising the Aussie social media response, I said it would be a good idea PR people in New Zealand could add to their Crisis Management Plans for our food clients. All of us were well versed, I said, in being prepared for a manufacturing or food processing crisis – we have to be when saboteurs are out there, but also when there are so many things that can go wrong getting produce from the farm gate to the plate.

Let us all be reminded – it’s always a good time to take a close look at your Crisis and Issues Management Plans and ensure they’re right up to date. Including calling on patriotism and social media to save the day.

Felicity Price, FPRINZ, ONZM


Chief Executive's Report

Using Behaviour Insights to ‘work smarter not harder’

As PR professionals we are in the business of influencing people’s behaviour. Whether it’s convincing residents to take action in advance of a disaster, engaging a community in a public health initiative, changing the perception of a brand to gain a new audience, or ensuring employees return home safely each day, the success of our work is based on how well we engage with people to drive a specific behavioural outcome.

Yes, many of our PR campaigns deliver big results on tiny or non-existent budgets. But, wouldn’t it be great if we could increase the likelihood of delivering better outcomes to our organisations and clients? The trite ‘work smarter not harder’ mantra might actually apply if we use the principles of behavioural science to inform our campaign strategies.

Much as we like to think we are, we are not always rational beings. Understanding the way our brains are pre-programmed will help us recognise these inherent biases - and how this knowledge should inform our approach to campaign strategies and tactics.

Senior Behavioural Strategist, Dan Bennett from Ogilvy Change in the UK will present a participative seminar designed specifically for senior professionals on ‘How to use Behavioural Insight to solve our biggest challenges’ in Auckland and Wellington.

Over the course of the day, we’ll cover the foundational concepts of behavioural science as well as cover the MINDSPACE principles and how to add them to your PR toolbox. The day will be highly interactive with case study sessions where participants apply the MINDSPACE principles to specific public relations challenges.

Full details of the Senior Professionals Event agenda are available here.

Join your peers for thought provoking discussion, stimulating conversation and networking drinks.

Don’t miss out - Book your place now!

Elaine Koller

Twitter: @PR_InstituteNZ

Industry News

Celebrating a decade of PR students and PRINZ collaboration

MCSA, the University of Waikato’s Management Communication Students Association, is celebrating its tenth anniversary on October 4, 2018, and PRINZ has played a key role in its success.

The event will host graduates who were involved with MCSA over the years, current members of MCSA, the Head of Waikato Management and Marketing School Associate Professor Stuart Dillon, and Ms Lee Cowan, Communication Manager for DairyNZ representing PRINZ.

Coincidentally, it is held in the same meeting room where MCSA was launched on September 17th, 2008, as a joint venture between Public Relations students and PRINZ. The launch was attended by Fiona Cassidy, then PRINZ President, and Paul Dryden, then PRINZ Executive Director.

Paul Dryden once said that “Waikato Management Students were more of an asset to the industry”. He was passionate about supporting PR students and providing them with professional opportunities. PRINZ have followed his lead and sustained the PRINZ affiliation with MCSA and the commitment to support PR students entering the industry.

It is the success of students of Management Communication at the University of Waikato, especially those who were involved with MCSA, and the commitment of PRINZ to support them over the past 10 years, that students and graduates will be celebrating in the MCSA event on Thursday.

About MCSA

MCSA, the University of Waikato Management Communication Students Association, aims to link students to the Marketing, Communications and Public Relations industries and provide them with industry experiences during their time at university. It has been affiliated with PRINZ, the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand, since 2008.

Partner News

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New Members

Kay Boreham, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Amanda Guinn, Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Clarissa Van Emmenes, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

Glenn Perry, ClearCut Communications Ltd

Jo Burleigh, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Niall Harkin, The Earthquake Commission

Brigitte Morten, Silvereye Communications Ltd

Jemma Robertson, Central Economic Development Agency

Rachael Walkinton, The Earthquake Commission

Casey Zhang, Silvereye Communications Ltd

Anna Shipley, Bank of New Zealand (BNZ)

Iain Duncan, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Kirsten Fryer, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Catherine Gilhooly, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Josh Ibell, Kiwibank

Ngaire Jones, St John

Bex Martelletti, Auckland Museum

Charlotte McLauchlan, MediaWorks

Taylor Norman, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Mariota Smutz, Housing New Zealand Corporation

Elliot Steel, St John

Max Textor, Kiwibank

Shannon Williams, St John

Martin Deakin

Michele Clark, Bond University

Guy Frederick, University of Otago

Joanna Simkiss, Environment Canterbury