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President's Pen

Welcome new Life Member and Fellows

It is my pleasure to award a Life membership to PRINZ Fellow Pauline Rose. Life membership is the highest accolade from PRINZ and this award recognises Pauline’s significant service to PRINZ since her involvement in the early 1980s.

I’d also like to welcome four new Fellows of PRINZ: Angela Paul, Kelly Bennett, Peta Goldsworthy, and Stephen Hill.

Fellowship of PRINZ is an honour. It serves to recognise members who are at the top of their game and have volunteered their time and expertise to support PRINZ members and the industry – all while holding down busy day jobs. As I’ve said before, Fellowship is certainly not the end of the story, nor should it be the only goal, and I hope that Angela, Kelly, Peta, and Stephen all continue to be closely involved with PRINZ, and that our members benefit from their input. From judging awards, mentoring and examining our APR candidates, adjudicating complaints, or any of the other many roles that PRINZ calls on members to assist with, everyone can contribute in their own way to support and develop our profession.

I look forward to awarding the Life membership and Fellowships at the PRINZ Awards Gala Dinner in Hamilton later this month.

Katie Mathison, FPRINZ
Twitter: @Katiemmmathison, #PRINZPresident

Chief Executive's Report

World PR Forum 2018 - highlights and a big announcement

I recently returned from the World PR Forum 2018 hosted in Oslo at the end of April. This year’s event focused on three perspectives: Truth, Profit and Intelligence.

My personal highlights included:

Anna Rosling Rönnlund’s opening keynote ‘Using photos as data to understand how people live’ where she challenged us to think about the world based on “factfulness” not instinct. She outlined ten instincts that distort our perspective - from our tendency to divide the world into two camps (i.e. us and them) to the way we consume media (fear rules) to how we perceive progress (believing that most things are getting worse).

Julien S. Bourelle’s presentation on ‘How to Crack the Cultural Code’ not only provided some humourous insights into the Norwegian mindset - expression of emotions, need for space, understanding of equality - but offered serious commentary on the need for sensitive cross-cultural communications.

Dr. Silvija Seres explained how ‘The fourth industrial revolution’ is genuinely different: exponential, polarising and combinatorial.

Kristin Skogen Lund, Director-general, The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise spoke on ‘The corporate sector's reputation – and how we aim to improve it’. Success = when business not only feels responsible for solving society’s problems, but when solving society’s problems has become business.

I was very inspired by Marianne Stigset, Director of Global Engagement and Communications at EAT, a non-profit organisation working with scientists, politicians, business leaders, chefs, innovators and change makers to create a healthy and sustainable global food system.

Performance Artist, Morten Traavik challenged our perception of truth. "All art is subject to political manipulation - except that which speaks the language of the same manipulation."

With a focus on US on political communication strategy, Pete Brodnitz demonstrated how opinion research can be used to develop communication strategies by applying behavioural economics concepts.

The presentation by Alejandro Romero highlighted how digital disinformation and communication tactics were used to influence the public debate over Catalonian independence and create tensions within the European Union.

In addition to the conference, the Global Alliance hosted an Associations workshop. This was a great opportunity to share information with other organisations and examine how we can together shape the future of public relations and advance our profession. A key highlight of the day was the launch of the ‘Global Capabilities Framework’ by Dr Anne Gregory and Dr Johanna Fawkes. The report is available for free here and I encourage you all to have a read.

The Global Alliance also held its AGM in Oslo and PRINZ Fellow Fiona Cassidy (sponsored by PRINZ) returns to the GA Board until June 2020.

Finally – and drumroll please - I’m excited to announce that the Global Alliance has selected Auckland, New Zealand as the location for the 2020 World PR Forum! Planning is underway and PRINZ is excited about welcoming local and international delegates in 2020. 

Elaine Koller
Twitter: @PRINZ_Events


Have you completed your professional development plan?

RIVER CPD is a free professional development and career planning tool for PRINZ members. To take part, simply download the plan here, outline your activity and then submit via your online dashboard. Any professional development earns you credits whether it is PRINZ or non-PRINZ related. If you have achieved 60 RIVER CPD credits by December you receive a 2018 Practicing Certificate. Submit your plan today!

Partner News

PRINZ warmly thanks its valued partners, click here to read more

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Ashley Murchison, Department of Corrections

Ayesha Asif, AUT University - student group

Barbara Bruchert, Counties Manukau Health

Briana Watson, IAG New Zealand Limited

Bridget Railton, Department of Conservation

Caitlin Taylor

Caitlynn Wendt

Cara Davis, AUT University - student group

Catherine Rossiter-Stead, PRomote Communications

Cherie Armer, John Fillmore Contracting Limited

Chloe Ramsey, University of Waikato

Claudia Harnett, Panuku Development Auckland

Dan Silverton, Hamilton City Council

Darryl Walker, NZ Transport Agency

Deepa Tripathi Chaturvedi, AUT University - student group

Duard Ferreira, NZ Transport Agency

Eileen Cameron, University of Waikato

Fiona Shaw, Victoria University of Wellington

Gemma Coffin

Geraldine Guillevic, NIWA

Haley Ritchie, Westpac New Zealand Ltd

Hayley Weel, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

Jessica Colvin, Massey University Wellington - Student group

Jessica Griffin, NSPR Limited

Kate Barlow, Education New Zealand

Kate Barron, NSPR Limited

Kate Roff, Southern DHB

Kiri Hannifin, Countdown

Leigh-Anne Wiig, Department of Conservation

Lisa Glass, Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Liz Banas, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Lydia Sheridan, Panuku Development Auckland

Margot Rudolphe, AUT University - student group

Marina Ohtsukab, One Plus One Communications

Matthew Winthrop, PHARMAC

Melissa Cullen, Shine PR

Moira Finn, Southern DHB

Nick Davies, Massey University Wellington - Student group

Nick Spratt, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

Nickkita Lau, Plant and Food Research

Norisha Chand, Unitec Institute of Technology - Student group

Oceane Chouet, Lassoo Media | PR

Renee Boyer, University of Waikato

Sean Flaherty, Southern DHB

Serena Low, One Plus One Communications

Shae Parsons, AUT University - student group

Shannon Gillies, Federated Farmers

Shannon Goldstone, Mercury NZ

Sophie Coley, Porter Novelli NZ

Tanya Early, NZ Transport Agency

Tanya Fea, enterprise IT

Therese Curran