Terms and conditions

PRINZ membership terms and conditions

  1. PRINZ membership is for individuals. Each member must complete a membership sign up form agreeing to a number of statements, including but not limited to, abide by the PRINZ Code of Ethics.
  2. Membership fees are due on application. An application will not be processed until payment has been made.
  3. Your membership may be part of a group of four or more people from the same organisation, however it is still allocated to your name. If you leave that organisation it may replace you with a new staff member. In this case, you are no longer a PRINZ member until you renew personally.
  4. Membership for individuals renews on 1 July annually. You will be sent a renewal invoice 40 days in advance. This is due within 30 days, and no later than one month after the membership due date.
  5. Membership within a group of four or more people renews on 1 January annually. Your organisations key contact will renew for the group and make any changes as necessary.
  6. In both #4 and #5 above (individual and group), if a membership remains unpaid for more than 30 days it will then lapse and you will no longer be a PRINZ member, this applies to all member statuses.
  7. You may resign your PRINZ membership at any time in writing by email. There will be no membership refund provided for your annual subscription fee.
  8. A student member must be enrolled in full time in a course of study that is relevant to public relations and communication management. On joining you may be asked to provide proof of study.
  9. Affiliate and overseas members will be asked to provide their reason for joining at the time of application.
  10. It is your responsibility to maintain you membership contact details, employment information and preferences.
  11. Membership application is reviewed and considered by the PRINZ National Council on a monthly basis.
  12. Only current, paid members may enter the PRINZ Awards, receive preferential member pricing, undertake RIVER CPD, attend member-only events and choose to list in the annual Consultancy Guide.

Refer to the PRINZ Constitution for additional details.

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