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President's Pen

Rich pickings

Isn’t New Zealand rich in live PR & communications case studies at the moment! There’s a good one about what happens if you don’t think through all possible scenarios before you confess to wrongdoing; there’s one about skilfully dealing with cretaceous questions on live TV about your child-bearing intentions; and there’s a classic one about how a week is a very long time in politics if your more charismatic deputy trumps you in the opinion polls.

As a bonus for us PR & communications professionals, there’s a wealth of great media interviews to draw on - breakfast time at our place has been hushed several mornings in a row, listening to some of the toughest questioning you’ll ever hear, on RNZ. There’s gold in there for anyone wanting to test out how they would have drilled their spokesperson to respond in a similar circumstance.

But I’m most interested in the squirrelly little lesson buried within all this: sometimes negative media can actually help you come out on top. What New Zealander doesn’t recognise Jacinda Ardern now? Who knew Metiria Turei would become a household name, be so adhesive, stir up so much interest, and polarise discussion? Bill English must be fairly relieved that their stories have so far eclipsed coverage of Winston Peters’ salvo over the Barclaygate texts. While Turei has now gone, the ultimate fate of Jacinda and Bill remains to be determined on 23 September when we will find out whether Oscar Wilde was right: that there’s only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

Katie Mathison, FPRINZ
Twitter:@Katiemmmathison #PRINZPresident

Chief Executive's Report

PRINZ Membership around the Country

At the end of July PRINZ had 1427 members and I wanted to share with you a snapshot of where the membership is based.

It’ll be of no surprise that most members are
based in the wider Auckland and Wellington regions, followed by Christchurch and Hamilton. And we run a significant number of events and CPD courses in those areas. We have also been working with members based outside these main centres to see what activities might be of value. Earlier this year we held a series of CPD courses in the lower South Island and are pleased to announce upcoming events in Tauranga and New Plymouth. Plans for activity in Palmerston North, Whangarei and Nelson are also under consideration. In the meantime, we are providing virtual offerings such as webinars and live or recorded streams of certain events.

Thank you for being part of an organisation that is committed to advancing the public relations and communications management profession here in New Zealand.

Elaine Koller
Twitter: @PRINZ_Events


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Industry News

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Partner News

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New Members

Aleisha Stopforth, Environment Canterbury; Amber Young, Spark PR & Activate; Barbara Bercic, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC); Briana Phillips, Ministry of Education; Chloe Hedley, Panuku Development Auckland; Deidre Mussen, Ministry of Health; Emma Densem, Victoria University of Wellington - Student group; Erin Leuschke, SenateSHJ; Gina Kelly, Massey University - Manawatu Campus; Irene Chapple, SenateSHJ; Jazmine Maqueda, Environment Canterbury; Jody Bowman, Alzheimers New Zealand; Julian Robins, Ministry of Education; Laura Courtney, Spark PR & Activate; Lynnaire MacDonald, Film Sprites PR; Maika Bennett, Te Tumu Paeroa (The new Maori Trustee); Megan Horsburgh, Purple Sherbet PR; Melanie Carpinter, Environment Canterbury; Paehoro Simon, University of Waikato - student group; Paula Trubshaw, Hauraki District Council; Rachael Bowie; Ramari Young, Watercare Services Limited; Rose Stirling, Te Ha Oranga; Sarah Wilson, New Zealand Customs Service; Shelley Nahr, New Zealand Police; Sonja Cabrera, New Zealand Customs Service