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Getty Images - What do the images you like say about you?
Research First - Are you paying attention?
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Getty Images

What do the images you like say about you?

Whether you prefer the minimalism of excess negative space or the uninhibited energy of a candid photo, the images you’re drawn to can say a lot about how you view the world. Take Getty Images quick quiz to find out your visual personality.

Click your way through a series of fast-paced, highly visual questions. Let your instincts inform your answers and get your personal picture profile once you’re done. Take the Quiz.

Research First

Are you paying attention?

When you look at a zebra do you see a white animal with black stripes or a black animal with white stripes? Similarly, when you look at a map of Europe why do we all see the ‘boot’ of Italy but tend to miss the elephant’s head of the Western Mediterranean?

While you’re thinking about those two questions, count how often the letter f appears in this sentence:

finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years.

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Professional indemnity insurance

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