List in PRINZ Consultancy Guide

To list in the PRINZ Consultancy Guide, a member of your consultancy must be a member of PRINZ.

As a membership benefit the consultancy listing is free to current PRINZ members.

Please be aware that your listing on the PRINZ Consultancy Guide is only valid until the end of the PRINZ membership renewal date.

Please note that only one ‘key contact’ is allocated to each listing and has editing rights. To be the ‘key contact’ of the consultancy guide listing you must also be the key contact for PRINZ. The key contact is a person who can manage the organisation’s accounts, staff details, and Consultancy Guide listing. If this is not you please email to discuss.

Email the office if you wish to become a member of PRINZ.

Key information for the Consultancy Guide listing:

  • Create up to 400 words of copy describing your company, services, awards and specialisation.
  • You will need to add a company logo to your listing (please email the office if the image is too large to be uploaded).
  • Email the office the list of up to five key contacts for the organisation to appear on the listing. They must be current members.
  • Please check all Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, website and blog links you include are live and correct, and the email you provide for the consultancy is correct.
  • Check all contact details are correct – address etc. Please note the delivery address on your PRINZ company profile is the address that is shown on the listing.
  • Please edit the location and services of your organisation.
  • Please find more information on how to manage your listing on the Consultancy Guide via a step by step guide here.

Request a listing