PRINZ Member Mentoring

PRINZ offers mentoring for its members (Associate and Member only) for 12 months. Based on the member's request a suitable experienced professional will be matched and the introductions will be made via email. From this point the mentoring relationship is managed by the mentee.

The mentor provides guidance to their mentee based on the member's original brief. This covers discussions to facilitate professional growth of the candidate, industry issues, career advice, competencies required and upskilling advice, and/or any other topic as mutually agreed by the mentor and the mentee at the start of the programme.

In the beginning it is recommended that the mentor and mentee meet and agree to some ground rules, allowing for flexibility and updates. These include the mentors time availability, preferred method of contact, frequency of contact, review period and likely conclusion of mentoring.

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Email completed applications to

As a guideline, the role of the mentor includes:

  • Providing ongoing support and encouragement for the progress of the candidate through the time of the mentorship.
  • Providing the mentee with objective and constructive advice and insight.
  • Providing feedback to the office on menteeā€™s progress and if the mentee is not fulfilling their obligations.

As a guideline, the responsibilities of the mentee include:

  • Complete a CPD plan.
  • Initiating the contact with the mentor and arranging mutually agreed meetings in advance.
  • Providing PRINZ a brief written report in June and December on the mentoring programme.
  • Giving sufficient time to the mentor to provide constructive feedback on discussion topics or issues as they arise.
  • Seeking advice and guidance from the mentor as required.
  • Following the ground rules of the relationship as designed by both parties.

Candidates in the APR accreditation programme also receive a mentor during the programme.

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