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Media Release: PRINZ says, ethical public relations is here to stay - 4 December 2014

PRINZ President Bruce Fraser has taken issue with NBR reporter Calida Smylie's view that NBR subscribers don't believe public relations professionals are simply balancing out media and public commentary on contentious issues.

Read the media release here.

Article: PRINZ letter to the editor, North & South

PRINZ respond to North & South editorial "Spinning Out" which raised some important issues about the number and nature of PR practitioners.

Read the article here.

Radio Interview: PRINZ on Morning Report - 24 November 2014

PRINZ President Bruce Fraser talks about press conferences in the wake of Roger Sutton leaving Cera.

Listen to the interview here.

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'What does mean to be an ethical public relations practitioner?' by Duncan Croft, MPRINZ (2013).

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