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Comms/PR students: Tips to get you noticed during and after study

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Start building your networks now - but like how?

Join your tertiary institute's PR or communications club if there is one (e.g MCSA at University of Waikato, MACS at Massey University), as this will help with your professional and personal development - not to mention meeting a lot of new friends!

In the 'real world', experience is a must when you're applying for roles. Try to get as much practical experience as you can. For example, volunteer for roles, undertake internships and get work experience. Be proactive about meeting people in the industry, have a chat or ask politely if they would meet for coffee. Once you show them you are serious about the professional path you want to pursue they may introduce you to other people who are looking for interns or offer valuable advice.

How to succeed in an interview or meeting

  • Research as much as you can about the company! Look at their website or read articles, watch videos about their work etc
  • Ask questions, have a few questions relevant to the role that will demonstrate your interest
  • Provide examples - highlight your learning and experience with examples
  • Be yourself and let your personality shine through!

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