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Managing media during a crisis  

Every organisation is likely to encounter a reputational issue or crisis at some point in their lifetime, and in the world of media and communications it’s important to ensure you are prepared.

When you’re in the midst of a crisis, it’s critical to keep your finger on the pulse of all media channels to combat and address statements or commentary as they emerge – but this shouldn’t just start when the issue breaks. In order to effectively respond, it’s important to have planned and prepared processes in place, and a prompt team to mobilise.

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Research First

Paying homage to the B word 

When the topic of branding in business comes up in the boardroom, the room will quickly fill with noise. The ‘practical guys’ check out of the conversation after about five minutes, the loudest voice in the room quickly rises to the top, and inevitably somebody is sitting in the corner saying “I don’t think any of you actually understand anything about branding.” The conversation nearly always spirals out of control and then chances are it’ll be decided that it would be best if we ‘just come back to it later.’

For some reason, simple and consistent branding is a concept many struggle with, yet it is pivotal to success – no matter what business you’re in. Either there’s no crystal clear vision, branding decisions are a top-down approach with no stakeholder insight or consultation, or the basic steps of brand development are over-looked altogether – sometimes a combination of all three.

For these businesses, problems are quick to arise and difficult to circumvent and in true moments of crisis they find themselves with nothing to fall back on.

So how should we think about brand? As many brand strategists will tell you, a brand is the most succinct form of your organisational values, the way you go to market and of the relationship that your customers have with you. The strongest of brands are built off the back of a clear understanding of the brand’s reason for being – the ‘so what factor’ – and it is this understanding that should then drive organisational values, curate organisational culture, drive product and service evolution and dictate how and when you engage with your stakeholders.

Whether you’re developing your brand, rebranding, or nurturing a well-established brand, protect it at all costs. Do so, and in return it manages risk and protects your reputation. Stakeholders will be quick to defend a brand that they identify with and as a result, even when you’ve really screwed up, you will have a first line of defense, and a second, and a third.

Lisa Gansky, and American entrepreneur, once explained that, “A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.” Without an insightful and relevant brand promise, a well-articulated brand story and an even more thoughtful delivery of the brand experience, businesses will be reactionary and, at worst, voiceless.

Branding is never ever a done thing. It’s an endless process of review, honest critique, adaptation and connection. Your brand essence should always be the cornerstone of your brand strategy, and your ultimate success will be dependent on the clarity of your commitment to this. A bad reputation is intrinsically linked to bad branding – so be constantly questioning, checking in on the health of your brand and adapt when you need to.

A brand that does not remain true to itself will not remain a brand, so don’t push the conversation out to another board meeting. Seek professional advice, be strategic, be committed and your brand will live to see another day – preferably, another generation! 

Research First – making the complex simple


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