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  • 2018 Acumen Edelman Trust Barometer Research
  • Wright Communications now helping brands do the right thing
  • Air New Zealand's corporate reputation flying high

2018 Acumen Edelman Trust Barometer Research

The 2018 Acumen Republic Trust Barometer reveals a world in a new phase in the loss of trust: the unwillingness to believe information, even from those closest to us. This Battle for Truth means that each institution (Business, Media, Government and NGOs) has a unique role to play in building and maintaining trust, as does every organisation.

Adelle Keely and Bronwyn Millar shared the results at Auckland and Wellington breakfast events and were joined by well-informed leaders representing a range of institutions to share their perspectives on the results and discuss the potential implications for us in New Zealand.

Acumen Republic has kindly shared their Acumen Edelman Trust Barometer New Zealand Report with us. Please see report below:

2018 Acumen Edelman Trust Barometer New Zealand Report

Wright Communications now helping brands do the right thing

Wright Communications, New Zealand’s small to medium PR Consultancy of the Year in 2017 as judged by PRINZ, has branched out into consumer PR.

Managing Director Nikki Wright says the company was encouraged by increasing demand from consumer-facing brand owners to support them in an area where Wright Communications has not traditionally operated.

“With a close eye on our CSR obligations, we’ve adapted to a changing market over the past 12 months and are helping consumer brands do the right thing,” she says.

Wright Communications has become the New Zealand affiliate of Sydney-based FORWARD Agency, which specialises in influencer communications for consumer brands.

“We’ve also appointed three new specialist staff which has enabled us to layer and expand our offer.”

Wright Communications has already added Lexus, Meadow Mushrooms, SunRice, Guylian, Mustela, Nivea, Dry July, Destination New South Wales and Wet ‘n Wild to its client list.

Nikki Wright says Wright Communications retains its highly regarded corporate and sustainability offer, which provides consumer brands with unique access to a range of expert storytellers and communicators.

“Our consumer team are creating intelligent brand communications and content that connects influencers with the clients’ brands and messages, across multi-channel campaigns that stimulate conversations and influence people’s attitudes and purchasing behaviour.

“And we have the corporate skill set to back up the consumer offering with issues management, product recall preparedness and a strong understanding of sustainability, which brand owners tell us they really value,” she says.

Megan West-Hill, Rhiannon Hughes and Anita Winterstein make up Wright Communications’ consumer team with skills and experience in influencer outreach, social media content development, as well as consumer media relations and creative media kits.

With a career in both advertising and PR spanning 20 years, Account Director Megan West-Hill has most recently enjoyed working in the eco-conscious communications sphere.

She prides herself on combining a client’s marketing strategies with a creative PR approach. Megan specialises in creative consumer campaigns and enjoys cementing great relationships with the media, both online and in print.

Account Manager Rhiannon Hughes started her career working across beauty, health and lifestyle accounts at a niche agency. Her skills lie in event management, media relations and looking for ways to put her own creative spin on things.

Rhiannon loves working on FMCG brands and her passions lie in the natural and eco-friendly markets.

Anita Winterstein has a passion for writing and people. Thrilled by the pace of campaigns, creativity and client relations - Anita has taken on the role of Account Executive with a big focus on social media, to which she brings experience with big names like The Warehouse Group and Qantas Airways.

Air New Zealand's corporate reputation flying high

Air New Zealand has the country’s best corporate reputation for the fourth year in a row, circling well above the field in the Colmar Brunton Corporate Reputation Index 2018, released today.

The Corporate Reputation Index, developed in partnership with Wright Communications, measures four pillars of reputation – social responsibility, fairness, success / leadership, and trust.

Rounding out the top five are TVNZ, which has leapt up to second from seventh last year, Toyota, AA Insurance, and Z Energy.

Colmar Brunton Chief Client Officer Sarah Bolger says the big winners this year are companies that are an integral part of Kiwis’ lives.

“Businesses that can offer a really positive, distinctive and meaningful customer experience are more likely to perform strongly in their reputation. These experiences are the foundation to strong customer relationships and that in turn builds trust. The companies in the top five are doing that particularly well.”

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