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President's Pen

Uncapping PR’s potential

Public relations is the only profession that has its numbers reported on in the public sector. Lawyers, policy analysts, accountants, and HR people don’t get similar scrutiny: they just get bundled up into an overall cap on numbers. This is simply unfair.

It’s unfair because it’s done in a capping sense, not a celebratory sense. What gets measured every six months gets reported every six months, so PR gets singled out for negative attention. This week the Stuff headline was “Public Sector PR staff numbers grew 15% in National’s final days”. The accompanying commentary was that PR and communications staff are “hired to help control the message of their employers”. That’s a very one-eyed version of what we actually do. There was nothing about the other professions that make up the public service, even though their percentage and actual increases could be larger – the point is we don’t know, because it’s not reported on.

The cap on public sector PR workers implies that the State Services Commission somehow thinks that we’re less desirable, that the work we do is not valued, and that we sneakily pop up like mushrooms in the dark, if not watched.

This ignores the fact that there are very good reasons why PR and communications is a much-needed profession in Government, and why therefore numbers might justifiably increase. Gosh, it might even be because employers need us to do some work. The public sector has a higher obligation to inform, consult and have two-way communications with its constituents, and to ensure the public have full access to public services, and a say in how public services are designed and delivered. That can’t be done on the smell of an oily rag. It involves websites, social media, strategy, tactics, discussion forums, videos, consultations, public presentations, co-design, events, crisis management, public information, multiple channels, innovation and creativity.

I will be writing on PRINZ’s behalf to the State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes to be fair and stop picking on PR and communications staff – or at least to include other professions in reporting FTEs. Time’s up. Counting heads is not a measure of performance – it’s an input. There’s no evidence our outcomes are lacking – in fact there’s plenty of evidence our outcomes are very effective, if you read the PR Awards case studies, many of which are public sector.

Katie Mathison, FPRINZ
Twitter:@Katiemmmathison #PRINZPresident

Chief Executive's Report

Thank you for being part of the PRINZ community – renew your membership now

Thank you for your support everyone! We hope that you enjoy belonging to a community of like-minded individuals working to advance the practice of professional public relations. As of today we have 1476 members – a new high!

Get some insights into who we are and how we think our industry is perceived - the latest Research First Insights Report provides an overview of the membership and also delves into your perceptions of PR as a career and the value of our industry. It’s clear we have some interesting conversations coming!

It’s now time for all our members to renew. Your membership will remain active after 1 April 2018 for one month - a grace period to 1 May 2018 - before lapsing. At that point and you need to reapply to join. That's a little more time-consuming so make it easy on yourself, and ensure you plan to renew well in advance. Your invoice – if you haven’t already received it - will be sent to you soon and is also available in your online member dashboard.

Finally, nominations for new Fellows are open until 31 March 2018. Nominations are reviewed by the College of Fellows Executive and sent to all Fellows for approval. Proposed Fellows are then put forward to the National Council for confirmation. If you are interested in making a nomination, please contact me directly.

From everyone in the PRINZ office, thank you for your continued support.

Elaine Koller
Twitter: @PRINZ_Events


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