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RIVER CPD - Take part for 2018

Step up your professional development this year. RIVER CPD is a great opportunity to design your own learning and development plan for the year. It’s free and even better, your professional development activity ‘external to PRINZ’ counts. Spend 10 minutes to complete your plan and submit online via your Dashboard. Achieve 60 credits by December and you will receive a 2019 Practicing Certificate. More information can be found here.

Last year 50 PRINZ members achieved RIVER CPD and were awarded a 2018 Practicing Certificate. Aakanksha Mehta , MPRINZ, Aaron Hailwood, Ann Liu, Annalie Brown, Anne Newman, Annemarie Mora, MPRINZ, Asher Wilson-Goldman, Bethany Chapman, Brian Finn, FPRINZ, Bruce Fraser, FPRINZ, Caroline Fenton, Casey Wilson MPRINZ, Catherine Arrow, FPRINZ, Deborah Rolland, Elaine Koller, Fiona Cassidy, FPRINZ, Gina McKenzie, Glenda Dobbyn, MPRINZ, Gordon Gillan, MPRINZ, Heather Claycomb, FPRINZ, APR, Jacky James, MPRINZ, Jaimee Ramage, Janet Luxton, MPRINZ, John Sellwood, John Son, Julienne Fiddes, Kate Monahan-Riddell, Katrin Johnston, Kaycie O'Connor, Kiely Evans, Lana Corrigan, Lee, Harris, MPRINZ, Lily Ng, Lynda Keene, MPRINZ, Matt Hunt, Michele Hider, MPRINZ, Monica Helbano, Nicola Lee, MPRINZ, Peta Goldsworthy, MPRINZ, Phil Tumataroa, PJ Chou, Sandra Groves, Sarah George, Sioux Campbell, FPRINZ, Tsehai Tiffin, MPRINZ, Vanessa Hefer.

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Become Accredited in Public Relations with PRINZ

Upskill and show your depth and breadth of knowledge of the industry with a globally recognised Accreditation in Public Relations (APR). You need to have at least 5 years’ experience in PR and be working at a level managing projects and/or people. Applications open Monday 12 February so if you would like to take part for 2018 register your interest with Rheanna.

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2018 PRINZ Mentoring Programme - Applications now open

A mentor will offer valuable advice, provide a fresh perspective as well as a safe and confidential environment to test your ideas and make suggestions on how to further develop your skills, undergo personal growth, or make the most of your specific talents.

Mentors also benefit from the relationship, thanks to new ideas, perspectives, strategies, and contacts courtesy of their mentee.

Contact Rheanna in the PRINZ office if you’d like to be involved in the PRINZ mentoring programme - either as a mentee and mentor. Or download the application form here.

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