11 Ideas for Brand Visuals that Work

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Visuals are the new language of the world, from social media to powerful breaking stories.

We process visuals much quicker than words, and our emotional reaction is intuitive. But how do you harness this power of visuals for your brand?

Getty Images' data trends team analysed millions of searches and hundreds of customer campaigns, to come up with useful insights on how to tell a brand story with authenticity and for the biggest impact.

Register for this webinar to learn how to create marketing wins with visuals. From ensuring a diverse representation of your audience, to matching your brand's personality, to using colour strategically - these 11 ideas will help your marketing imagery stand out.

The webinar will cover:

  • How imagery affects emotion and which images your audience is likely to respond to
  • Importance of diversity in your visual content
  • Practical tips for matching your brand's personality to visuals
  • Sourcing the best images for your objectives and budget


Wednesday, 29 May


10:30am AEST

12:30pm NDT

(30 minutes + Q & A)

Please note that this is not a PRINZ webinar.