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Mobile Video and Visual Storytelling

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  • 16/07/2020
  • 09:30 am - 04:00 pm
  • EMA, 145 Khyber Pass Road, Auckland
  • CPD: 10.00
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Please note this course has a maximum of 14 delegates.


Video. Where would we have been without it during lockdown? If you zoomed, streamed or teamed your way through those weeks you’ll appreciate just how important visual connections can be when it comes to supporting relationships.

But that’s not all - you need to be able to tell a great visual story. As someone who develops and builds relationships, prepares and shares effective communication programmes you can’t ignore the power – and place – of video and visuals in the work you do.

Smartphones, sharp cameras and mobile applications have made video, digital storytelling, reporting and instant sharing the way of 'now'. And if it's not video, it's live chat, live stream or a little augmented reality to liven things up.

Video and live streaming are mainstream and stories without moving or enhanced images pass us by. This session sets out the video and visual storytelling landscape that practitioners must understand and operate within. We work in an era of oral and experiential communication – which means we are all on camera now.

Mobile video and visual storytelling is a hands-on practical session so be prepared to be on camera, off camera, writer, actor and editor. It covers video, visual and digital storytelling, takes you through the basics, helps you to develop a great visual story and takes you through equipment and production needs so you can navigate channel demands.

Core content

  • Understanding your story - moving away from the written word
  • Working with video - content, technical requirements, equipment, operation, production and editing
  • Determining channel options - video, broadcast, live speech or dialogue
  • Planning and editing
  • Practice and perfecting

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of different visual presentation styles and contexts, live and using video
  • Understanding of varying audience needs and presentation conditions, live and digital
  • Renewed confidence in their ability to deal with visual storytelling and mobile video


Catherine Arrow, LPRINZ, FCIPR, Founding Chartered Public Relations Practitioner

Catherine Arrow is an international public relations consultant and educator. She heads PR Knowledge Hub Ltd, a learning and development centre for public relations and communication professionals delivering online and face-to-face training.

A PRINZ Life member, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Founding Chartered Public Relations Practitioner, Catherine serves on the Global Alliance Advisory Council following eight years of service as board member and secretary of the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management.

Alongside her training and consultancy work, she lectures and speaks about public relations in New Zealand and around the world. Recent publications include a chapter on future public relations practice in the CIPR book, ‘Lessons from Expert Practitioners’. Her career spans the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and, in 2012, was presented with the PRINZ President’s Award for exemplary contribution to the profession.

This course content aligns with the communication capabilities section of the Global Capability Framework with particular emphasis on this summary: To communicate effectively across a full range of platforms and technologies.

Communication Capabilities

  • To align communication strategies with organisational purpose and values
  • To identify and address communication problems proactively
  • To conduct formative and evaluative research to underpin communication strategies and tactics
  • To communicate effectively across a full range of platforms and technologies.

This course has a minimum number requirement, so please book early to ensure the course is not cancelled. If you are booking travel or accommodation, please check with the office first that the course is taking place.
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