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Digital PR 101

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  • 06/12/2019
  • 09:30 am - 04:00 pm
  • Marketing Association, 69 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland
  • CPD: 10.00
  • $645.00+GST (member), $865.00+GST (non member), $645.00+GST (student-member)
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Digital has changed the game for everyone – including how we, as PR/ Communications practitioners, now need to approach our work.

While new digital channels have made it easier than ever before to reach our audiences, it’s increasingly harder to hold their attention now that we live in a ‘search’ and ‘scroll’ society.

‘Old school’ PR techniques no longer cut it.

We now need to go beyond our traditional PR skills and build for digital and what people want …or risk being left behind.

Learn Digital PR to future-proof your Communications career

Our newly released Digital PR course provides you with the blueprint for your Digital PR success.

It has been specially designed to show you how to use digital tools, data, new online systems and techniques to create successful Digital PR strategies now and for the future.

Not only does it take the guesswork out of your work, it also creates long-term impact that grows your brand/client’s online authority and also allows you to better measure your success.

This one-day course covers:

  • What Digital PR is and how to build an effective PR strategy that caters for audiences in both ‘SEARCH’ and ‘BROWSE’ mode
  • How to use new PR, data analytics and measurement tools to take the ‘guess work’ out of your work and up your PR game
  • PR-SEO theory and practice; why it needs to be a key component of your work.
  • How to create optimised, authentic content that your audience wants and is actually looking for. It is no longer enough to just be a good writer…you now need to gear your content properly so it can be found.
  • How to create an integrated digital omnipresence by combining ‘owned’, ‘earned’, ‘shared’ and ‘amplified’ media channels together.
  • New media management techniques that are your ‘secret weapon’ when it comes to growing digital online authority.
  • New digital measurement metrics that, for the first time, clearly demonstrate the true value and impact of your work.

This course is for PR and Communications professionals (both in-house and agency) who are serious about stepping up their PR game.

It also includes a one-hour, one-on-one coaching session with coach/mentor Charlene White from DigiPR after completing the course to help answer any additional questions you may have to get you on the road to adapting your work to the new world of Digital PR.

This course content aligns with the professional capabilities section of the Global Capability Framework with particular emphasis on this summary:

Communication Capabilities

  • To align communication strategies with organisational purpose and values
  • To identify and address communication problems proactively
  • To conduct formative and evaluative research to underpin communication strategies and tactics
  • To communicate effectively across a full range of platforms and technologies


Charlene White, Digi PR

The course is run by Auckland-based Digital PR expert, Charlene White, whose sole focus is on coaching and consulting with PR agencies, in-house Comms teams and individuals on how to expand their PR skills beyond traditional media and PR techniques.

Having worked in high profile Corporate Comms roles in New Zealand, the UK and the Middle East, Charlene saw the impact the digital age was having on the Communications industry a few years ago - but found a lack of clarity and resources available to help PR pros learn and adapt to the new digital world.

As a result, she spent several years studying and being mentored on the art of Digital PR by some of the best in the business. She has since developed a comprehensive yet, easy-to-follow, Digital PR process which smashes traditional PR techniques together with new digital tools, data, PR-SEO and measurement metrics to capture audiences in both digital ‘Browse’ and ‘Search’ mode.

Having seen the success her process was creating for her consulting clients, she launched DigiPR in 2019 to help PR pros lift their digital game.

Since then, she has been coaching corporate teams, agencies and individuals on how to expand their digital skills and client offerings, as well as to understand that they hold an important key to a brand’s digital success.

As well as being a trainer for PRINZ, she is a mentor for AUT’s Communications’ faculty and also a trainer and strategy consultant for Communicators.

This course has a minimum number requirement, so please book early to ensure the course is not cancelled. If you are booking travel or accommodation, please check with the office first that the course is taking place.

Please be aware of PRINZ payment and cancellation policy.

Please email the office if you are a student member and would like to attend this course.