PRINZ Statement on Ethics

PRINZ Media statement, issued 9 August 2017

The Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ) strongly objects to any effort to participate in deceptive practices, deliberately misled or misrepresent information, or engage in unsubstantiated personal criticism.

Public relations professionals use communications to develop or maintain trusting, productive relationships between our clients or employers and their stakeholders. We promote the views of those we represent to contribute to public debate and informed decision making in a democratic society.

PRINZ, the country’s largest public relations and communications management industry association, sets the standard of ethical behaviour for our members through our internationally recognised Code of Ethics, an actionable framework that guides our day to day behaviours and decision making. As professional communicators, we take seriously our responsibility to communicate with honesty and professionalism, balancing openness and privacy.

Any breach of these standards – by a PRINZ member or non-member - reflects poorly on all public relations professionals and brings the industry into disrepute.

- Elaine Koller, CEO Public Relations Institute of New Zealand