PRINZ APR Graduates Say

I’d highly recommend the APR qualification to any PR or communications practitioner looking to take the next step in their career. It draws together all the main aspects of the profession, and covers best practice from around the world. Meeting a broad range of practitioners from around New Zealand and being able to further build a professional network were also highlights. - Arwen Vant, APR 2016 graduate

APR is a great opportunity to do study that is directly relatable to your work, as well as ensuring your knowledge of other areas of practice is current. I personally enjoyed the learning APR facilitated and continue to enjoy sharing my learnings with colleagues. I’m proud to be a Member of PRINZ and the industry it represents.- Annemarie Mora, APR 2014 graduate

APR is hands-down the best professional development course I've done to date. It's both humbling and exciting to link up with so many other PR and Comms Management professionals from across a wide-range of sectors and levels of experience. It's also the best way to get a feel for how knowledgeable and solid you really are in your own everyday practice, while giving yourself the best chance to grow and learn in any areas of practice your current role does not require of you. I would challenge anyone who is serious about good, ethical PR and communications management practice to do the APR programme.- Rata Campbell, APR 2014 graduate

APR was a great challenge and an excellent way to validate and further my knowledge in the functions of public relations and communications management. - Angela Lamont, 2013 APR graduate

APR was a great opportunity that I would recommend to any up and coming practitioner. It really helped me with my confidence. - Grace Loftus, 2013 APR graduate