When a crisis comes calling

One thing I always say to clients is that anyone can have a crisis – something with the power to derail your organisation. Your organisation can be big or small, corporate or community, of your making or a natural disaster, a crisis can literally hit anyone, at any time.

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#PRConf15 guest blog four: PR and ethics

Dr Elspeth Tilley, Associate Professor at Massey University, addressed the issue of ethical gaps for PR people and her ethics framework is worth considering for other ethical decision-making. Her ethics pyramid was developed over many years of action research and takes people through four stages.

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#PRConf15 Guest blog one: Community Comms Collective

One of the (many) privileges of being part of the Community Comms Collective is discovering small, under-the-radar, not-for-profits doing amazing work in the community. The comms collective model has a lot to offer these groups. They rarely have in-house communications expertise, and often have few resources.

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I just fired the Chairman

I’ve blogged before about the need for public relations practitioners to stand up for themselves if they want to be taken seriously. To believe in their own value. To push back if they feel their expertise and advice is being overlooked. And to have the guts to ‘consider their positions’ if this becomes an ongoing issue.

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The number 1 reason why PR gets no respect – stupid metrics

What matters to management are value and return, and things that make a difference to the bottom line, and no matter how pretty the chart you make, if all you’re showing is how many impressions you got, or how many Twitter followers you accumulated, none of that ties your efforts to the bottom line.