When a crisis comes calling

One thing I always say to clients is that anyone can have a crisis – something with the power to derail your organisation. Your organisation can be big or small, corporate or community, of your making or a natural disaster, a crisis can literally hit anyone, at any time.

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Grey is the new black

The chances are that you’ve heard that New Zealand has an ‘ageing population’. This means that the proportion of older people in the population is increasing, while the proportion of younger people is declining. But you may not be aware just how fast this is happening, or what a radical change it signals.

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Fundraising for the homeless and hungry

Homelessness isn’t the rough-sleeping stereotype you see on the street; it can be out of sight – people sleeping on friends’ couches or in spare rooms, in cars, or sharing someone else’s home. Incredibly, one in 120 people are now homeless. And most people are only two pay packets away from homelessness.

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Don’t believe everything you think

For all of us who work with ideas for a living, we need to be aware that we often come to cherish our ideas simply because they are our ideas. This leads to a serious problem known as ‘confirmation bias’. To see this in operation, try a simple accounting question: A bat and ball cost a dollar and ten cents. The bat costs a dollar more than the ball. How much does the ball cost?

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Social media in internal communications

Over the past two years I studied International Communications at Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland. I researched, as part of my masters’ degree, the impact of social media in the corporate environment by examining two case studies located in the corporate economic sector in Auckland.

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Learning curve: My real life campaign experience

Nothing is more valuable to learning than practical, hands-on experience. This semester as part of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Public Relations major, we had the opportunity to create our first campaigns. Our teams had the opportunity to work with some of the most deserving charities and not-for-profit organisations within New Zealand including Starship, Recreate and the Halberg Foundation.

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‘In-house or agency?’ Wellington August 2015 PRINZ Event

Things turning to custard? Does the in-house communications team have the objectivity to deal with what’s going wrong, or is it time to call in an external PR agency to get a different perspective? That was one of the questions the panel talked about at a PRINZ Wellington event in August.

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Reputation risk

Reputations can be fragile things and once in pieces, can be hard to restore. That makes our role as PR counsellors even more critical, especially as an insurance company survey earlier this year put “reputation risk” at the top of executives’ concerns.