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How to get ahead in the world of social media measurement

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Research First

Strategic partnership promises a greater voice for youth in critical decision-making

As a strategic thinking agency, our interest is in creating New Zealand’s most useful and insightful research programmes to inform and de-risk the decisions our clients make each and every day.

To that end, Research First and Youth Voice Canterbury (YVC) - Canterbury’s largest youth network - have signed a three-year strategic partnership focussed on bringing the voice of youth to decision-making tables around the country.

The aim of the partnership is to catapult the voice of youth into conversations had in both the private and public sector about issues that directly impact the youth of today and the youth of tomorrow.

The marketplace is littered with examples of failed products and services and less than optimally effective policy, where assumptions have been made in the absence of truly authentic insights, or unilateral decisions have been made without consultation with the affected parties.

Furthermore, the vocal minority of a given subcommunity is frequently pitched as being fully representative of that group. But in actual fact, they can be the views of a self-selected group of people who are more comfortable in sharing their views than others. Yet, they’re accepted as being representative of everyone within that community without digging further.

This is very true of projects where youth is a stakeholder. Typically, it’s the articulate young people in leadership positions who are approached for insights, or who willingly offer them up, and the views of the invisible many don’t have a platform to be aired. Overlay this with the views of those in a position of decision-making who might be young at heart but have, in reality, ‘aged-out’ and you end up with less than accurate insights influencing some fairly significant decisions.

For Research First, the partnership with YVC takes our ability to deliver strategic recommendations to clients where youth is a stakeholder to a new level and provides a whole new layer of insight than that previously accessible. There’s no doubt that, in some cases, the partnership will be a real game-changer in terms of outcomes.

And for YVC, the partnership provides an important vehicle to advocate the importance of the youth voice in general, together with a platform to actively contribute to research projects that directly influence decisions in organisations where youth is deemed a key stakehlder.

We will also work collaboratively on projects of mutual interest that are of relevance to the future of New Zealand, as a people and as a country. The first of these projects will be better understanding the generation gap – so watch this space!

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