Modernising PRINZ Governance

10 December, 2018

PRINZ is reviewing its governance – the way our members direct the things we as an organisation do.

The National Council (aka the PRINZ Board) believes it needs updating - and we’d appreciate if you could please take a few minutes to give us your opinion and suggestions.

Since its establishment in 1954, the PRINZ governance structure has developed over time to meet different circumstances, accommodate the expectations and interests of its various stakeholders. Over the years PRINZ has become increasingly professional and the scope and scale of activities grown, but our structure remains outdated.

To support the future direction and activities of the Institute, we need to have a governing body of people with diverse skills and experience who have the time to give PRINZ and our communications professionals the mana and understanding we should have in the business world, and who have the commitment to set the scene for stronger member support, continuing professional development offerings and events. In short, we need to update our structure from the top.

But we won’t change a thing without you, our members, supporting a change, and we won’t make any changes until you’ve had a say in how you think PRINZ should be governed. We’ve got some ideas for how PRINZ could be better governed by its members, but we need your opinion and suggestions.

Specifically, we want your feedback on:

  1. Whether the governing structure should move from a representational model (i.e. regional divisions, Fellows, etc) to a skills-based model where members are nominated because of their differing skills and strengths depending on the current organisational needs and circumstances – or comprise a combination of both representational and skills-based
  2. The size of the board
  3. Inclusion of elected and co-opted board members
  4. The Executive Committee, President Elect, President and Immediate Past-President system
  5. The term of board members

Based on your feedback, a proposed governance structure will be shared with members in April 2019. Members will then be asked to vote on the final structure at the Annual General Meeting in May 2019.

This is your opportunity to have your say in how PRINZ is governed.

Have your say now.


The PRINZ National Council is currently governed using a representational model which comprises:

- President

- Immediate Past President or President Elect (alternate years)

- Chair of the College of Fellows

- 3 x Divisional Chairs – Northern, Central and Southern

- 2-3 x Co-opted members – includes regional representation from Waikato and Bay of Plenty

The term of PRINZ National Council members varies:

- The President has a three-year term (the first year as President Elect, the second year as President and third year as Immediate Past President)

- The Chair of the College of Fellows is elected biannually

- The Divisional Chairs are elected every year at the divisional AGMs

- Co-opted members are selected by National Council members, usually to fill a representational gap, and are confirmed annually

PRINZ members are drawn from in-house and agency practice across all industry sectors, from corporate to public sector to not-for-profit. Currently around 60% are based in the Northern division, 30% in the Central division and 10% in the Southern division; of the membership approximately 70% work in-house, 20% work for a PR agency and 10% are self-employed.