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President's Pen

Being a good advocate

The announcement of the death in prison of shamed “PR guru” Max Clifford has once again raised the spectre of our profession being put in the same bucket as the job of doing publicity for the famous (Beatles, Hendrix, Tom Jones) and infamous (OJ Simpson, Rebecca Loos, Paul Burrell). One great way to distinguish PR from publicity is our role as advocates.

To be successful as an advocate, your voice must be truthful, balanced, and cognisant of perceptions. You are ethical, and have the right facts and logic to hand that you can use in a compelling way. You understand what is most important about the person, brand, or issue, and how to present or narrate that in a way that persuades, and resonates with key audiences. You know how to build trust with your client and audiences, so your voice is heard and given weight.

Of course, advocacy can tip over into pure publicity, if self-interest starts to erode some of these factors. But the PRINZ Code of Ethics ensures that our members stay within the bounds of truthfulness (and truthiness), and that’s what differentiates us from publicists.

Our responsibility towards our publics and communities, not just our clients, keeps us on the side of PR. That’s where the phrase, or theory, of ‘responsible advocacy’ is rooted. One of the guiding principles of the Global PR Alliance Code of Ethics is that, in making decisions, we should be guided by a higher sense of serving the public as a whole, as opposed to specific constituencies on an exclusive basis.

That guiding principle is a really straightforward way of expressing how as PR professionals practising advocacy, we cannot be lumped in with the Max Cliffords of this world, who don’t flinch at putting out fake news (aka lying – see Code of Ethics) to get publicity for his showbiz clients: “Freddie Starr ate my hamster”, or to further his own socialist politics by humiliating a Tory minister: “Mellor made love in Chelsea [football] strip”. Mellor did indeed make love to the woman concerned, an actress who was not his wife, but he didn’t wear a Chelsea shirt – and perhaps that illustrates that Clifford understood the nuances of the British psyche very well, knowing that the wearing of a football shirt, not the affair itself, would be the unforgettable and destabilising factor in the eyes of the public.

Katie Mathison, FPRINZ
Twitter:@Katiemmmathison #PRINZPresident

Chief Executive's Report

As we head into the final weeks of the year, I’d like to thank you for your continued support throughout 2017.

I also want to acknowledge our many volunteers and partners. We greatly appreciate the contribution you make to PRINZ and our profession.

Many of our members are planning their professional development for 2018. To see what courses are on offer for 2018 check out our CPD calendar. In addition to the perennially popular courses, we will be offering a few new courses including Data Driven Communication, Chat Bots and Augmented Reality, Iwi Engagement, and Business Storytelling - with more to come!

Start the New Year with two days of hands-on 'plug and play' professional development, covering news writing, media relations, social media and online engagement, mobile video basics, reputation management, communication measurement and reporting results. The 2018 PRINZ PR Summer Camp will be held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Now’s your chance to book your ticket to the PRINZ 2018 Annual Conference in Hamilton #PRConf18 – at the lowest price available. This supersaver price is only available until 31 January 2018.

We are excited to confirm the following speakers:

  • Arun Sudhaman, CEO and Editor-in-Chief, The Holmes Report
  • Laurel West, Managing Director for Content Solutions, The Economist Group

More programme details will be announced in January.

The PRINZ Office will close on Friday 22 December and reopen on Monday 8 January 2018.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season! See you in 2018!

Elaine Koller
Twitter: @PRINZ_Events


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Partner News

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New Members

Antoine Ellis, AUT University - student group; Ashley Stanley, AUT – Corporate; Bianca Stables, Phillips & Phillips; Carley Young, Heartland bank; Catherine Pierce, AUT University - student group; Chris Daniels, Datacom; David Brown, Ministry of Health; Elizabeth Osborne, AUT University - student group; Esther Malcolm, University of Canterbury - Student group; Hannah Amante, Apiculture New Zealand; Holly Steger, C B Norwood Distributors Ltd; Jade Lock, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ); James Cutherbertson, SenateSHJ; Jane Thompson, Pegasus Communications; Jennifer Wilkins, Writhoo; Joanna Carr, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ); Joel Rowan, GHD; Lola Aubert, Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC); Paul Williams, Careerforce; Rosanna Price, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ); Rowena Hume, Beef + Lamb NZ; Steven Law, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ); Tim Graham, Department of Corrections