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Isentia - The changing face of communications
Research First - This thing called 'Resilience'
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Getty Images - The photographer captured - Donald Iain Smith


The changing face of communications

The passing of notes in school was always fraught with danger, but was the most effective way to getting a timely (although rarely important) message to a peer. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for an organisation.

Communications is changing and more challenging, and there are a few key aspects we need to be aware of to have success in finding our voice in 2017.

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Research First

This thing called 'Resilience'

With our head office in Christchurch, one of the things we get asked to talk a lot about here at Research First is resilience.

Like many people, you may be tired of hearing about Christchurch and earthquakes, but events like Edgecumbe and Kaikoura remind us that recovery starts with preparation. And that being resilience is the price we all need to pay for living ‘out here on the edge’ (to borrow a line from Dave Dobbyn).

Shortly after Christchurch’s September 2010 earthquake, I was asked to speak to a group of journalists and policy makers about community resilience. In those months after the September earthquakes, and before the devastation of the February one, there was a real sense of both optimism and relief in Christchurch. There was also a profound sense of pride in how the community came together to support one another when it was needed most.

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Professional Indemnity insurance

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Getty Images

The photographer captured: Donald Iain Smith

This month Getty Images catches up with New Zealand photographer Donald Iain Smith who has been creating local content for Getty Images since 2009. As one of Getty Images’ team of talented contributing photographers, Don brings a fresh perspective to life down-under with local content.


Sometimes wistful, at other times playful, and oftentimes quietly observing everyday happenings, Don’s images show an affection for the people within them. His shots of the corporate world resonate with warmth, and he captures our relationships with modern technology in shots that range from fun-filled to fantastical.

Perhaps it’s in his capturing of ordinary family life that Don’s signature style is most noticeable. Unexpected, joyful, authentic, and with stories ripe to be told – these, like his other images, are ideal for commercial projects and available to license now.

What interests you about photography?

It helps you see life, the world, the nature of existence, and at the same time gives you a medium through which to share what you see.

Favourite place or thing to photograph?

Real life; real emotions; happy, sad, revealing. Anything that connects emotionally with what it is to be human.

People who know you say you are...

A free thinker.

If you could invite one person to dinner (dead or alive) who would it be?

Can I invite someone who hasn’t been born? I’d really like to know what things are like in 500 years time.

If you weren’t a photographer what would you be or do?

Photography isn’t my full-time job: my main job is a science teacher. If I wasn’t a teacher, I’d be a photographer!

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