PRINZ Awards advice and guidance


In February 2017 PRINZ held 'Awards Writing Workshops' in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. We also held a webinar for those who were unable to attend. All events and the webinar were presented by Chief Judge Lisa Finucane, FPRINZ.

2017 PRINZ Awards Writing Workshop slides

View the 2017 PRINZ Awards Writing webinar

Past Workshops/Webinars

View the 2016 PRINZ Awards writing webinar

Download the 2016 PRINZ Awards writing webinar slides

In February 2015 PRINZ held 'Awards writing workshops' in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland to help members gain insights into how to write a great Awards entry. The files from these are now available, download below. Please note this file is 35 pages long.

Download the file

These workshops did not cover the Sally Logan-Milne Young Practitioner of the Year category.

This PDF contains tips and hints from the workshop and a 'before and after' exemplar.

If you have any questions about your Awards entry contact the PRINZ office.

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