RIVER CPD 2015 - Make the most of your professional practice

Wednesday 3 December 2014

We all know of professions that require members to undertake mandatory continuing professional development (CPD). While it is not compulsory within public relations, as professionals we must demonstrate CPD and learning. In short, best practice is up-to-date practice.

I would love to be able to say that 10% of PRINZ members (that's 120 right now) are enrolled in RIVER CPD, but the number falls far short. Based on feedback from members in our strategic plan consultation period PRINZ has made some changes to make RIVER CPD an even easier process to take part in each year.

The changes for 2015 have streamlined RIVER CPD, with all practitioners requiring 60 credits, rather than a tiered system based on years in practice, and external activity verification is now kept by you unless required in a random audit. For those outside main centres, the monthly PRIA webinars we now offer are one option to gain points, as are the expanded Learning Lunches, self-directed learning and more. View the credits guide for PRINZ and external-to-PRINZ activity.

RIVER CPD helps you demonstrate to your employer, manager, clients and staff that you invest in learning and are committed to your own professional practice. It also rewards you with a certificate at the end of the year and the satisfaction of achieving some personally-set goals and objectives.

Click here to be taken to our RIVER CPD page for everything you need to know about RIVER CPD in 2015, including a downloadable plan template to help you in the planning stages.

Key information:

  • RIVER CPD is free and member-only
  • It is undertaken annually with your professional development plan submitted to the office in Jan/Feb each year
  • It is for Associate, Member, Fellow and Life members (not Affiliate, Student or Overseas)
  • Plans are due by 27 February 2015 unless you join PRINZ after then
  • Credits accumulate January 2015 - December 2015
  • Credits can be achieved through PRINZ, other bodies and self-directed activity
  • A random, independent audit of 10% of participants (checking verification for external activity) is undertaken each year
  • 60 credits achieves a 'Certificate of Practice', awarded at the end of the year
  • Take a look at your personal dashboard and click to the left on CPD history. There you'll see your points for this year (every member has their credits listed, however only RIVER CPD participants are eligible for the practicing certificate)
  • Register for RIVER CPD 2015 now by emailing info@prinz.org.nz, or call 09 358 9808.

Simone Bell, MPRINZ