More great speakers at PRConf14

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The 2014 PRINZ Conference, known as PRConf14 has a great line up of speakers and lots of opportunity for delegates to 'Experience, Engage and Evolve'.

In addition to two outstanding keynote speakers we can now announce a range of speakers.

Develop your practice, networks and have some fun while learning from:

  • Neil Waka, Corporate Affairs Manager, Holden NZ  on 'Television to PR'
  • Stephen Knightley, InGame and Pursuit PR on 'Digital communication and gamification'
  • Martin Coates, Beca - Following his presentation in Christchurch, Martin is holding a workshop on 'Visualisation - converting complex jargon into engaging visuals'
  • Dr Harold Hillman, MD, Sigmoid Group and author of The Imposter Syndrome - Closing day two on 'Why authentic leadership really matters'
  • Michael Ziviani, CEO of Precise Value on Showing the business value of PR
  • Dave Dunlay, Tandem Studio - Dave will run a workshop session: 'Tandem Learning: Content Production'
  • Chris Pescott, CEO Perceptive Research presents results of the PRINZ 2014 Trends Survey, looking back to 2006 when the survey began
  • Jake Pearce, and Simon Young, syENGAGE will talk authentic co-creation through social media in an interactive session.

Keynote speakers, presentation outlines:

John Parkinson: 'The power of publics'
Sponsored by Unitec

John will focus on what PR can do to facilitate public discussions that are genuinely bottom up rather than top down, and why we should want to do such a crazy thing. His presentation will have lots of examples, from the Ground Zero site, state budget setting in Europe and South America and health care reform in the US, to local context. While lots of the examples are public sector, this is not something that the private and voluntary sectors can ignore - in a world of Twitter, all corporate communication is bottom-up to some extent, and that's a great thing for brands that can adapt. 

Jane Sullivan: San Francisco's America's Cup - Loved, hated, success or failure?
Sponsored by ATEED 

Jane will discuss:

  • Setting the stage - How the city of San Francisco won the America's Cup
  • Planning and promoting the America's Cup
  • World Series Racing
  • From bad to worse, to worse, to the best AC finals ever
  • Lessons learned

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