How do I sign up for RIVER CPD?

To participate in RIVER CPD simply create your professional development plan using the tools available online and submit your plan for approval via your online Dashboard under 'RIVER CPD' from the side menu. PRINZ will contact you to confirm your plan has been accepted, or to provide feedback and suggest amendments.

If you are unsure of your eligibility to participate in the RIVER CPD programme, please contact the PRINZ office on 09 358 9808 or by email.

What is the benefit of doing RIVER CPD?

RIVER CPD helps you to plan your professional development activity for the year, and keeps you up to date and current as a practitioner. At the end of the year, if you achieve your credits target of 60, you will receive a practicing certificate.

Why do I need to do a plan?

The annual plan is your road map to achieve professional development goals. Without this your activity may be ad hoc and not aligned to your personal career planning and goal setting.

When is the plan due?

Plans are due by 1 March. However, if you join PRINZ after this date you can complete a plan and begin RIVER CPD at any time. If you want to undertake RIVER CPD but cannot meet the plan deadline let us know, we are keen to be accommodating.

Ethics component essential for RIVER CPD

At least four of your 60 credits are required to be from ethics-focused professional development activity. Public relations and communication professionals apply skills and expertise ethically as well as effectively. Keeping up-to-date with ethics is an important part of professional development.

You can achieve these four credits through PRINZ, or through external/self-directed activities. For example:

  • Attending the 'Ethics, Reputation and Risk Management' PRINZ course.
  • Attending the annual PRINZ Conference
  • Entering the PRINZ Awards (work entered complies with the Code of Ethics)
  • Undertaking self-directed reading and research on the topic (PRINZ Research & Insight online hosts an 'Ethics Centre' with resources to assist your research) 4 hours = 4 credits
  • Holding a professional development session in your workplace based on the topic of ethics (host or attendee = 2 credits for a 60 minute session)
  • Presenting on the topic of ethics to students or in-house = 4 credits

Why are there RIVER credits showing against my membership when I am not doing RIVER?

Every PRINZ member immediately achieves 5 credits for joining and on renewal each year. As you attend PRINZ events and courses you will be awarded credits. This shows you how achievable RIVER CPD is when combined with your external to PRINZ activity. However, if you have not completed a plan or registered for RIVER CPD, these will not translate into an annual certificate at the end of the year.

I can't do a lot of PRINZ courses; can I still get RIVER CPD?

Yes, it is possible. External continuing professional development activity (that can be verified) counts towards your credits target of 60.

How do I add credits for external professional development activity to my online dashboard?

You can add new credits to your profile at any time by selecting 'RIVER CPD' from the menu in your dashboard and click 'New CPD record'. Please ensure you always refer to our Credits Guide.

What if I undertake learning that isn't on your non-PRINZ activity list?

The Credits Guide for non-PRINZ activity is simply a guide; if you undertake industry-related activity that is not listed, this is fine, as long as it can be verified. Please contact the office if you have questions about activity that may not be professional development relevant to public relations/communication management.

What is verifiable activity?

Verifiable activity is anything that you can provide proof of completion for. This could be an invoice for attendance at an event, an email from your manager confirming you presented to staff, a live link to a blog post you wrote, a letter from an academic institution confirming you presented a guest lecture, or your academic records for a qualification obtained.

Why do I need proof of non-PRINZ activity?

Ten percent of RIVER CPD participants are randomly audited by a PRINZ Fellow at the end of each year, before annual certificates are issued. The audit needs to raise no undue concerns about the activity PRINZ is awarding CPD credits for. If the auditor has concerns he or she may ask to see all claims, therefore we cannot award credits for anything that is not clearly proven and is not considered related to the profession.

What does the audit involve?

The auditor reviews the credits awarded by PRINZ and rewarded externally, checking verification and signing off on the random sample selected.

When do I find out if I achieved my certificate?

In December of the year RIVER CPD is undertaken.

Is RIVER CPD annual?

Yes, each year you need to create a plan and obtain your credits to qualify for an annual practicing certificate.

Does the PRINZ mentoring programme receive RIVER credits?

Yes, if you are involved in the PRINZ mentoring programme by being a mentor or mentee you will receive RIVER CPD credits. See the credits guide for a breakdown of the credits allocation.

If I want to be a PRINZ mentee, do I need to sign up for RIVER CPD?

If you have applied to be a PRINZ mentee, then you need to be either already enrolled in RIVER CPD or you need to complete a RIVER CPD plan for the following year.