Dates and

the Awards


Important information

For those who have entered before, it's important to know, online entry follows a slightly different process. Read all information carefully.

  • Entries will open on Monday 11 February and close at 5pm on Monday 11 March. Late entries will be accepted until 5pm Wednesday 13 March at an extra cost. 
  • Each entry may only be entered in one category.
  • Upon entering, entrants will need to indicate their client (internal or external) has signed-off the entry.
  • Judges will take into account the entry's professionalism and may deduct marks for spelling and grammatical errors or poorly formatted entries.
  • The word count is 2500 and needs to be adhered to by entrants or risk not being judged. This is a 100 words synopsis, 2100 words body of entry, and up to 300 words of 'acknowledgement of other disciplines'.
  • We suggest you create the entry securely in a programme such as MS Word, using word count and spell check, and then paste it into the Award entry form. Allow time to check formatting and spelling once in the Awards Entry platform.
  • Each entrant will be asked to acknowledge the use of other disciplines in 300 words.
  • Please outline any paid or sponsored content or relationships in detail within the ‘Implementation’ section of the entry form. If paid or sponsored content is included as part of your activity and included in results, but not noted as such, the entry may not be judged.