Senior Professionals Event

2017 Senior Professionals Event

Doing Well + Doing Good

Auckland | Monday 6 November 2017

Join your peers for a day of thought provoking discussion exploring how we as senior professionals* can improve our current practice and redirect our career skills to do good for the causes we feel passionate about.

This year’s PRINZ Senior Professionals Event ‘Doing Well + Doing Good’ will focus on how we can improve our current practice and redirect our career skills to do good for the causes we feel passionate about. Facilitated by Tracey Bridges, FPRINZ, the day will focus on career development through engagement and creating value in the communities where we live and our clients and organisations do business.

From our Research First survey, we know PRINZ members do a considerable amount of pro bono and voluntary work – in fact more than 60% do voluntary public relations work outside of their paid work, providing nearly $2 million in voluntary work, at an average of $10,000 per member. But are we making the most of our expertise and how else can we contribute?

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Past Senior Practitioners' events

2016 - Communicative Leadership

In 2016 we were thrilled to have Global Alliance Chair, Gregor Halff, bring his expertise to NZ for TWO Senior Professionals Events.

Auckland, Wednesday 26 October 2016
Wellington, Friday 28 October 2016

This one-day participative seminar was designed to go beyond the trivial (and often futile) ‘seat at the table’ lament that is universally heard among senior communication professionals. Instead, by using elements from leadership and management education, participants will focus on how communication becomes part of critical decisions and of an organisation’s strategic choices.

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2015 - Wicked Problems - Breaking silos: addressing complex problems that demand stakeholder engagement and collaboration

Auckland, Friday 30 October 2015

Wicked problems are hard to define, and harder to solve or manage. Importantly for our profession they involve many organisations, are socially complex and often aim to change behaviour. Collaborative strategies, internally and externally, have been identified as the most successful way to address them.

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2014 - The twin pillars of senior practice: Insightful stakeholder engagement and influential leadership

Wellington, Thursday 30 October 2014


  • Andrew Hall, Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Commonwealth Bank
  • Wayne Burns, Director, The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs

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