Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Take charge of your career!

It’s a competitive environment and if you stand still you will get left behind. Ensure your knowledge and skills remain current by completing your personal PRINZ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Plan and earn credits for participating in CPD activities.

Benefits of the PRINZ CPD Plan and Professional Development

  • Helps you to set goals, plan and keep track of your professional development activity throughout the year 
  • Keeps you motivated to keep learning and earn credits for the learning you do 
  • Demonstrates you are up-to-date with knowledge and committed to best practice communications 
  • A tangible way to prove to your manager, employer, clients and peers that you invest in your professional practice.

CPD activities may include:

Complete your PRINZ CPD plan today

The free PRINZ CPD plan is part of the PRINZ Continuing Professional Development programme where credits are accumulated for participation in professional development training and activity. It is achievable, self-directed and a signal that professional development is important to you and to the profession.

  1. Download and complete the CPD Plan template
  2. Login to your PRINZ dashboard and select 'Go to my professional development dashboard' on the right-hand menu (under 'My professional development progress')
  3. Click the submit button to upload your CPD plan 
  4. You will receive an email once your CPD Plan has been approved 
  5. Earn and accrue credits from professional development activity 
  6. Achieve 60 credits throughout the year and receive your annual certificate of practice in December.

For assistance on the PRINZ CPD Plan, please contact Alice at

View our CPD Plan template and Credits Guide to assist you in the planning stages:

CPD Plan template

CPD Credits Guide

Important: Verification of activity external to PRINZ may be requested during the annual audit in December. Please ensure you keep hold of all verification documents as you may be randomly selected as part of the audit.

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