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RIVER CPD is a free professional development and career planning tool for PRINZ members. Participants design their own unique learning and development plan which enables them to demonstrate they are up-to-date with knowledge and practice. At the end of each year, successful participants receive a practicing certificate. RIVER CPD runs from January - December annually. Please note you can submit your plan at any stage between January to November.

RIVER CPD sits alongside the PRINZ Continuing Professional Development programme, where credits are accumulated for PRINZ activity. RIVER CPD also awards credits for any verified professional development undertaken outside of PRINZ.

RIVER CPD is suitable for practitioners of any age and at any career stage. Associate, Fellow and Life members may register for RIVER CPD.

Join RIVER CPD 2018 - Submit your plan

Step 1 - Download and complete your RIVER CPD plan.

Step 2 - Upload your plan in your dashboard (under 'RIVER CPD 2018' in the left-hand menu on your dashboard).

Step 3 - The PRINZ Office will send you an email to say your RIVER CPD plan has been approved.

Step 4 - Earn and accrue credits from PRINZ or external to PRINZ professional development activity. You can upload your own credits in your dashboard by selecting 'NEW CPD Record'. Please make sure you refer to the credits guide and remember at least four of your 60 credits and required to be ethics-focused professional development activity.

Step 5 - Achieve 60 credits throughout the year and receive a practicing certificate in December. YAY!

View our Check Sheet, RIVER CPD examples and FAQs to assist you in the planning stages:

RIVER CPD Check Sheet

RIVER CPD examples


Important: Verification of activity external to PRINZ may be requested during the annual audit in December. Please ensure you keep hold of all verification documents as you may be randomly selected as part of the audit.

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