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  • Employee Engagement in a VUCA World, 27 September 2017
    Sal Smutek, Former GM, Isentia New Zealand

    VUCA is an acronym conceived by the US Army College for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. It has been borrowed by organisations to describe the dynamic nature of the contemporary business environment, where there is a frenzy of innovation, continued digital revolution, ever expanding global markets and relentless turbulence and change.

    In this disrupted environment, achieving optimal engagement of employees is difficult and it can be a debilitating problem for organisations. But it can be achieved.

    As part of her MBA studies, and using the VUCA world of the media industry as the backdrop, Sal Smutek researched a high peak moment using a methodology called Appreciative Inquiry, to inquire into the "best of what was" at the time, and to find the root causes of success. In this webinar, Sal will present her research findings.

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