Provocation: Respecting the rights of others to speak

The PRINZ Code of Ethics states members shall respect the rights of others to have their say. (Point 4. Balancing Openness and Privacy sub-point ii). Massey University recently denied Don Brash an opportunity to speak on its campus and when he did speak on the University of Auckland's campus he was interrupted by protesters.

If PRINZ members were involved in the withdrawal of his opportunity to speak or in trying to shout him down it appears they would have breached the Code of Ethics. Should the right to speak be accompanied by a responsibility not to speak about certain topics, hold certain views or promote certain actions? Should the Code of Ethics be more explicit or offer more guidance on these matters?

Massey University's Professor Chris Gallavin has written a thoughtful piece here about principles of discussion and the ability to disagree well.

Tim Marshall LPRINZ, will host a free Ethics Webinar for members. This is a chance to hear about how to apply the PRINZ Code of Ethics to your practice, examine case studies, work through some ethical dilemmas, and ask questions.

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