Happy National Volunteer Week!

Written by Lana Corrigan, PRINZ

#NVW2016 is a perfect opportunity to thank all our wonderful PRINZ volunteers. As a membership not-for-profit organisation, we rely on, and appreciate, help from our volunteers in the day-to-day running of PRINZ.

PRINZ is proud to be governed by PR and communication professionals who take time out of their busy schedules to help improve, advocate and promote the excellence of the industry. We would like to thank Katie Mathison, FPRINZ, our newly elected #PRINZPresident, our National Council members Bruce Fraser, FPRINZ, Brian Finn, FPRINZ, Angela Paul, MPRINZ, Dan Walraven, Fiona Cassidy, FPRINZ, Catherine Arrow, FPRINZ, Diana Wolken, FPRINZ, Heather Claycomb, FPRINZ, Jacky James, MPRINZ, Pauline Rose, FPRINZ and all past PRINZ Presidents and National Council members for their dedication, guidance and for helping make PRINZ what it is today.

Our committee members who help run events in different regions and promote PRINZ also volunteer their time. We would like to thank Northern Division members alongside chair Brian Finn, FPRINZ, Ady Swartfeger, FPRINZ, Chloe Vaughan, Lisa Finucane, FPRINZ, Rachael Joel, MPRINZ, Rebecca Foote, Simon Roche, MPRINZ and Shannon Huse Caldwell, Alexander Danne; Central Division members alongside chair Angela Paul, MPRINZ, Daniel Glover, Grace Loftus, MPRINZ, Miriam Dawson, Annalie Brown, Leanne Rate, MPRINZ and Oliver Ibbetson, and Southern Division members alongside chair Dan Walraven, Effie Lochrane, Kathryn Ruge, Linda Chalmers, MPRINZ, Michele Hider, MPRINZ, Janet Luxton, MPRINZ, Donovan Ryan, Angela Harden and Katrin Johnston.

We would also like to extend a big thanks to all members who have been involved with our PRINZ Awards, the College of Fellows, Mentoring programme, APR Accreditation, Conference, Learning Lunch events and everyone who has responded to our calls of assistance.

It is also worth commending the number of PRINZ members who participate in other volunteering activities outside of PRINZ. As findings from our latest Research First PRINZ Insights Survey show, many of our members also participate in pro-bono work. The report will be made available soon.

Without all the help from our amazing members and volunteers, PRINZ wouldn’t be the great professional network it is today so from us here at the PRINZ office, Elaine, Lana, Anna and Rosa, THANK YOU!

Image credit: iStock