Pushing a domino

The PRINZ Student Ambassador Programme allows students studying relevant qualifications to become involved and engaged in the communication and public relations industry. The programme gives students a head-start in the industry, encouraging them to participate in the PRINZ community. This blog post is written by Phubeth Udomsilp, PRINZ Student Ambassador at Unitec Institute of Technology.

It was September 2015. I remember arriving at the Glengarry Victoria Park Wine Room for a PRINZ student event. Arriving early, I joined my friends from Unitec outside the premises. As a second year student, it was refreshing to see my peers looking nice and tidy for the event. The vibe felt different from University, but you could feel the excitement in the air. The room was ready for the event. I noticed that most students were standing in their own groups, with familiar university peers. However, there was a group of young professional women standing next to the stage – I decided to leave my own Unitec group and introduce myself. The ladies happened to be discussing whether students would come and introduce themselves or not, and were the young professionals on the panel. I also remember an enthusiastic communicator, Louisa Jones announcing herself as a last-minute substitute MC in Brad Pogson’s absence. After a brief introduction and discussion, the ladies excused themselves to start the panel. Insights from Young Professionals - A PRINZ Student event was about to begin.

The panellists shared their experiences and advice on being a student, getting internships, and the world of work. The young professionals discussed their experiences in the workplace. Discussions included their experiences around being nervous, working hard, and finding confidence. The panellists also shared stories about how they found jobs through connecting with industry people early in their careers. The speakers also shared advice on not being scared to ask for help and encouraged us to get out there and meet people. The panel event ended with a Q+A session.

After the panel event students and lectures got to meet some of the speakers and ask more questions. I got to re-meet some of the professionals and ask them about their work. I remember the experience being a bit tricky, as crowds of students gathered around the speakers to talk. I wanted to speak to Louisa, but she was busy talking to other students.

I am looking forward to this year's Insights from Young Professionals. The panellists for the night are:

  • Rebecca Lee
  • Lydia Tebbutt
  • Susana Suisuiki (Sana)
  • Alex Harman
  • Keith Cowden-Brown
  • Rachel Mayall
  • Tessa Williams
  • Eugene Afanassiev.

I already know a couple of the panellists from previous networking events, such as Rebecca Lee. I am excited to hear her stories and advice, as her driven and friendly personality shone through when we first met. She also gave great advice!

Then there's Tessa Williams. She works for the Public Relations agency, Porter Novelli, where I am currently interning.

Tessa is a hard worker with a fearless approach to new challenges. She has provided me with help and guidance during my time at Porter Novelli, and is an aspiring role model to work with.

I landed my internship after meeting Louisa Jones, the MC from last year's Insight from Young Professionals event. Due to missing her after last year's panel discussion, I arranged a catch up after the event to talk about University and work. I now work under Louisa, where she has been mentoring me and guiding me through agency life.

To all PR and media students I do recommend attending this year's Insight from Young Professionals event. I suggest pursuing the connections you make, and making the most of the advice from the panel. Go beyond the horizon, be different, and make real connections with the people you meet. Just like how I met Louisa, and pushed a domino.

Picture credit: iStock