What makes your heart sing?

The PRINZ Student Ambassador Programme allows students studying relevant qualifications to become involved and engaged in the communication and public relations industry. The programme gives students a head-start in the industry, encouraging them to participate in the PRINZ community. This blog post is written by Anna Strong, PRINZ Student Ambassador at WINTEC (Waikato Institute of Technology).

“What makes your heart sing?” was the question posed by the late and great Steve Jobs co-founder of Apple. I came across the quote in a book I’m currently engrossed in, ‘The Storyteller’s Secret’ by Carmine Gallo – I thoroughly recommend it. This question was in the first chapter and it immediately stopped me in my tracks, because I wondered – what is my response?

Currently I am in the final stages of my degree. The end is in sight and I’m struggling to contain the temptation to prematurely celebrate. Soon the job hunt will begin, and I find I’m continually asking myself where I want to go, what I want to do, and what do I want my future to be? If I can figure out what makes my heart sing now, will it help shape where I’ll head after this year? While a response didn’t come straight away, that question resonated with me. So I had to read on.

Firstly, I wondered where does one begin to find the heart’s song? Steve Jobs found it, so it can’t be impossible. Quickly the answer became quite clear and it’s only one word. Passion.

Your story begins with your passion. We simply cannot inspire unless we are inspired ourselves. And while we can easily recognise passions in others, we can struggle to unmask our own personal ones. That is why Steve Jobs asked himself that same question, and his response led him to creating a tool to that will enable other’s to pursue their desires. Equipping others with tools to succeed was his heart’s song.

Your passions are expressed in the ideas that make your heart beat. In those activities that get you out of bed before your alarm goes off. It is the first thing you think about when you wake up and is the last thing on your mind as the lights go out. Passion is the driving force, or the rhythmic beat, of our heart’s song. Once unlocked, pursuing your passions is not an easy feat. At times it takes gumption – a word that isn’t heard too often in today’s society.

I thought a lot about passion in regards to the PR industry. In many pitches I’ve given this year we searched for the beat that ran through our client’s organisation, their lyrics, and tried to think of out-of-the-box outcomes to share the music.

Some of these big ideas take gumption to pursue and bring into fruition. It might mean going against the crowd, or speaking up about an idea that you believe has real potential to benefit your client. It took Steve Jobs’ gumption and passion to believe that Apple could change the world. And it will take those same qualities in our own lives to make a difference, or to play the right chord, to keep with the musical analogies.

Maybe right now it’s finding the gumption to really ask yourself the question – What makes your heart sing?

Picture credit: iStock