To our wonderful volunteers: Thank you!

In celebration of National Volunteer Week 2017, we would like to recognise and thank our incredible PRINZ volunteers who dedicate their time and expertise to our professional network. As a not-for-profit membership organisation with close to 1400 members, we won't be able to do what we do without our wonderful group of volunteers.

Did you know as of 1 January 2017 until today, we already have 123 PRINZ volunteers? We are grateful to each and every one of them, and we'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful support we receive from them.

A big thank you to our president Katie Mathison, FPRINZ and new president-elect Sharon Buckland, FPRINZ for taking up the leadership roles in the PRINZ National Council. Thank you to our National Council members: Brian Finn, FPRINZ, Angela Paul, MPRINZ, Kathryn Ruge, Fiona Cassidy, FPRINZ, Catherine Arrow, FPRINZ, Heather Claycomb, FPRINZ and Meg Jones for their ongoing support and guidance.

Another significant part of PRINZ is our regional committee members who run fantastic events and promote PRINZ on a regular basis. A massive thank you to all committee members, including Northern Committee Chair Brian Finn, FPRINZ along with its members: Ady Schwartfeger, FPRINZ, Aakanksha Mehta, Chloe Vaughan, Hannah Norton, Kelly Armitage, Kiely Evans, Lisa Finucane, FPRINZ, Lucy Handford, Rebecca Lee and Shannon Huse-Caldwell, MPRINZ; Southern Committee Chair Kathryn Ruge and along with its members: Annemarie Settle, MPRINZ, Dan Walraven, Effie Lochrane, Janet Luxton, MPRINZ, Katrin Johnston, Renee Walker and Stephen Hill; Waikato Committee Chair Heather Claycomb, FPRINZ along with its members: Bethany Chapman, Jason Dawson, Julia Moore, Kathryn Jenkin, Lee Cowan and Peta Goldsworthy; Central Committee Chair Angela Paul, MPRINZ along with its member Alexander Danne, Annalie Brown, Daniel Glover, Jacqui Bridges, Janryll Fernandez, Leanne Rate, MPRINZ, Lily Ng, Logan Mudge and Raphael Hilbron; Bay of Plenty Committee members: Meg Jones and Amanda Weatherley, FPRINZ.

As a growing membership organisation, it’s also exciting to celebrate the success of our PRINZ Young Professional Group! Thank you to Alex Harman, Eugene Afanassiev, Cassie Arauzo and Sophie Wills for all the time and energy you have put in to get this group up and running.

And to all our volunteers involved in the College of Fellows, PRINZ Awards, Conference, APR, Mentoring, networking events, professional development courses, Learning Lunches, PRINZ Student Ambassador programme – thank you so much for your commitment and dedication! We know how busy your schedules are, so we really appreciate your time and ongoing support to our PRINZ events and activities.

From everyone here at the PRINZ Office – Elaine, Lana, Rheanna, PJ, Rosa, Alice, and Sana, we want to express our gratitude to all our volunteers (both past and present) for your vital contributions in making PRINZ what it is today.