What it’s like being a PRINZ student ambassador

Written by Shiqi Tan, 2017 PRINZ Student Ambassador, Massey University

As one of the 2017 student ambassadors for PRINZ, I have had the chance to attend some awesome PRINZ events (PRINZ student ambassadors get complimentary tickets to PRINZ events!) where I have met many helpful and interesting industry professionals. I have also gotten the chance to meet other ambitious student ambassadors who are all very encouraging and supportive.

In May this year, I attended my first event - Insights from Young Professionals. I still remember how I was too nervous to talk to anyone at my first event!

At this event, there were five young professionals sharing their stories about how they got into this industry and they all mentioned their love of writing, which has helped them in their PR roles. I talked to one of the young professionals on the panel who shared some tips with me about her work in crisis communication and management. She explained to me that only by putting yourself into the real world will you get more valuable knowledge. She also said that time management and critical thinking are important skills to have as a PR professional.

Another memorable event I went to was ‘How to run a PR firm (a.k.a The ruthless application of common sense)’ on 16 August, which had a panel of senior PR professionals. The panel mentioned that the organisational culture plays a crucial role in building a great team in a PR firm. Apart from this, diversity is also important since people with different backgrounds will have different insights to contribute to the team. PRINZ is going to hold an event around diversity in communications on 13 September Now is the time! Building a better future for our whānau, which I am looking forward to!

As a student ambassador, I also get the chance to attend the monthly Northern division committee meetings. This volunteer committee organises the PRINZ events we have in Auckland, and to be able to sit in on these meetings and help with the planning of some events have helped me develop many skills. We can even pitch our own ideas and make them happen, such as an upcoming event in November which will be organised by all the student ambassadors in Auckland.

I would highly recommend PR/Communications students to become PRINZ student members and make the most of it by coming along to the PRINZ events. Even though I was too nervous to talk to anyone at my first event, but after attending a few more events, I have learned to step out of my comfort zone, get myself out there and network with people. Through meeting new people at the PRINZ events, I have made new friends, learned new things, and the insights and exposure to the PR industry I have gained have really helped me make sure that this is the profession I want to be in.