PRINZ Conference 2008

PRINZ Conference 2008 'the right to advocate' was held in Auckland, 22-23 May.

Public relations and communications management professionals operate at the leading edge of a challenging, demanding and fast moving global environment. We live in a rapidly changing world where our rights to free speech, to express critical views of government policies, and to advocate for change are being increasingly undermined. We must protect our right to receive and impart information, and to communicate with national and international organisations without government interference. If we don’t, that right will surely be eroded and eventually lost.

At this year’s conference experienced leaders – in and out of the industry – will discuss changing trends in public relations, the effects of legislation on advocacy, developments in new technology and new media, and how to stay ahead of the game. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn from the best, debate issues and, most importantly, network with your peers.

2008 PRINZ Conference programme