APR Selected Assignments - Members only

The assignments featured here are a selection of 'thought pieces' submitted by candidates as part of the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) and have scored 80% or higher.

If you'd like to consider becoming PRINZ Accredited read more here. PRINZ APR runs from June to October annually, is open to practitioners with 5 years+ experience and costs $1200 plus GST. The course is a mix of assignments, a written and an oral exam/presentation. Candidates are assigned a senior mentor, come together for a day-long seminar and attend a half day pre exam workshop. Graduation takes place at the following year's annual Conference and the top scoring graduate will be given the Joseph Peart top APR graduate Award.

How can organisations use emerging technologies to build awareness and relationships? - Caroline Fenton

What are the issues around celebrity endorsement and how should they be dealt with? - Gordon Gillan

"Communication does not contribute much to the bottom line." Argue for the value of PR/Communication Management. - Laura Barlow

The impact of media on the practice of public relations: Why public relations practitioners should not underestimate the influence traditional media journalists have on our publics while up-skilling for social media. - Justin Courtney

What does it mean to be an ethical public relations practitioner? - Duncan Croft

Journalists make great PR practitioners - Michael Dobie

How does good PR operate in a multicultural setting? - Peter Hennessey

"Social media has forced greater transparency on today's corporations and individuals". What can PR/CM practitioners contribute to ethical business practice? - Analiese Jackson

What is the impact of media and social media on the practice of public relations? - Megan McPherson

Journalists make great PR practitioners - Janine Ogier

What does best practice in internal communications look like? - Anne-Marie Robinson

How government relations is more than just lobbying. - Simon Roche

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