PRINZ Website Trouble Shooting

1. Trouble Logging In?

If you're having trouble logging in, the following should be of some help.

Please select from the following options:

My Email Address has Changed Click here. Other Problems Click here.

Forgot My Password? Click here.

2. Are you having trouble viewing the Member register?

  • The Member register is supported on current Internet browsers. Please ensure you are using the most current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer (Version 11). The Member register is not supported on previous browser versions.
  • Ensure your intranet / Firewall is not blocking the Member register.
  • Please clear your internet browser history once you have tried the above to ensure there is no old data stored.

3. A 'Forbidden' error occurs when I click on a link in a PRINZ email.

This error occurs if a browser on your computer was connected to an RSS feed from the old PRINZ website. The new PRINZ website no longer hosts an RSS feed, and all RSS feeds have been blocked.

NOTE: The RSS feed for the PR Central blog, hosted though Wordpress, is still operational and can be kept as an RSS feed.
Please review your RSS feeder and delete any associated to PRINZ, excluding the PR Central RSS feed.

To remove a RSS field search ‘How to’ for your specific Internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc).

4. Are you using Internet Explorer?

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may experience errors when registering for a course or event, or when making a payment. The PRINZ website does not perform optimally when using earlier versions of Internet Explorer, including versions 8, 9 and 10.

If possible please update your Internet Explorer browser to the latest version, available for free below.
Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 (latest version as at July 2014) - click here. Alternatively, use a different browser such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox, that can be downloaded for free below.

Download Firefox browser - click here.

Download Safari browser - click here.

Download Google Chrome browser - click here.