Meet the Media podcast, Auckland, 2013

Making news the changing dynamic of media relations

Meet the Media event was held on Tuesday 26 February 2013

In a tight and competitive media environment, it is important to keep media relations strong. This event dealt with some of the changes that are happening at some of the biggest media outlets and how the art of media relations is changing.

Four panel speakers, chaired by Nevil Gibson of the NBR, from the big daily news outlets gave an insight into their organisation, as well as talked about their expectations for the coming year. Check out the PR Central blog to read about this event.

Fiona Rotherham

Managing Editor, Fairfax Business Bureau

Fairfax Business Bureau structure and the do's and don't's of pitching (12.50 min)

Pearls of wisdom for PR practitioners - the do's and don't's (PDF)

Lesley Deverall

Chief Reporter, Newstalk ZB

The Newstalk ZB structure and the radio news cycle (14.56 min)

Fiona MacMillan

Executive Producer, Firstline

Firstline structure, what a bad pitch looks like and the use of social media in news (12.50 min)

Jeremy Rees

Online Editor in Chief, APN

Five ages of digital news (11.12 min)

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