Industry Partners

PRINZ has a number of long-standing industry partners and sponsors. Please support them when you can in return for their generosity.

PRINZ encourages you to make the most of reciprocal relationships we have with local member organisations. Internationally, you benefit from our membership of the Global Alliance which has members in more than 60 countries.


Sponsor partners

The thing I value most about my PRINZ membership is undoubtedly the people I have met, worked with, learned from and laughed with. PRINZ is a watering hole where New Zealand PR/comms practitioners of all sorts and levels connect - mainly face-to-face but also electronically. For me PRINZ has also been a valuable portal to international PR/comms people and practices.
Tim Marshall, Communication by Design, Life Member and former President
When I look back, what I most value about my membership is the enduring friendships I have made across both NZ and the world.
Fiona Cassidy, F R Consulting, Life Member and PRINZ Board Chair